Sunday, August 9, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

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Episode 6: Middle Game

As announced, I will now be covering Umineko for all of you to enjoy.

  • No one died in this episode, for a change. This episode centered more on character development for Shannon and Kanon in particular.
  • I'm really at lost right now with how Umineko is being presented. Is this a nonlinear type too similar to Baccano? I cannot exactly say if the episode is the past, present, future or maybe in an another parallel universe or since Beatrice is the Eternal Witch and she can kill and resurrect people endlessly, the story can reset upto many times as possible?
  • It is also revealed by Beatrice herself that only Kanon and Shannon can see her and so...does this mean that this is really the past?
  • This episode mainly expouned on Kanon's idea of he and Shannon as furnitures who became human because of falling in love with a member of the Ushinomiya family.
  • Shannon and Beatrice became friends after Shannon accepted Beatrice's help so that she and George can be together in exchange of smashing the mirror on a small shrine that hinders her to use her full powers. As for Kanon, he did not accepted the help thinking that Beatrice only wants to toy with people's lives by giving them false hopes about love.
  • There's also a little character development for Jessica. Being a heir to the Ushinomiya family, she is bounded by rules and certain norms that she doesn't like. To bear with this, she developed a different self - the self that she shows infront of friends and of normal people. Because of this, she can live the way she likes.
  • With Kanon's rejection of her help, Beatrice warned that no matter how she is stopped, she will revive and take her throne as the true master of the island.
  • One reason why I like this episode because there's no annoying "ū" of Maria. I hope this would last until the end.


  1. As far as your questions go for how it'll be presented, all will be answered in due time ;3

  2. @Anonymous..
    I am getting more and more excited *_*

  3. Stop moaning about the lack of character development. If you want that, go read the visual novel. It has way more. So much that they can't fit it all into the episodes. Also the reason why the story is 'resetting,' it's because a new game has started between Battler and Beatrice.

  4. It may be a bit easier to comprehend the resetting if you've seen Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. While not needed to understand Umineko's plot at all because the two stories are independent of each other, it would help to comprehend the supernatural aspect of the story better. It's not necessary, though, so as long as you stick with this story as the first anonymous stated, it'll all make sense in due time (assuming the animators didn't mess up their adaptation of Ryukishi07's original visual novels).

  5. @LtheMilkEater..

    Ohh..I think I prefer to feel the suspense of watching. thanks though for explaining things :D