Monday, August 17, 2009

Element Hunters - Episode 4

Ren, Chiara and Homi are finally able to retrieve their second element, Oxygen!

To be an Element Hunter, you need to have superb background with Chemistry. Well, I got to realize this in this episode as they used the concepts of combustion and crystalization to retrieve the Oxygen Element. I even got to hear the term nitrogen pentoxide. Such complicated chemical names are long forgotten when I had my Chemistry class a couple of years ago. Hahahaha. Gawd, I sound so old.

I also like this episode because for the first time, Ren was able to beat Ally in their quest for retrieving the elements. But I think these two groups will be able to work together in the near future. If that is to happen, then I think that they will be a powerhouse group, capable of quickly retrieving the elements.

Even up to now, I still can't understand the exact plot of this series. But well, I guess it's still too early to reveal...we are only at Episode 4.

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