Saturday, August 1, 2009

Element Hunters - Episode 2

Calling all students:

If you need to have extra credits for your Chem class,
then be an Element Hunter!

There are two points for me in this episode. One is the explanation of the important points of the series and second, I realized that this is typical hero storyline. Hahahaha.

First point, this episode explained the important points:
  • Ren, Chiara and Homi are chosen children who met the requirements of going to Nega Earth. The castle that they saw in the previous episode is the assessment being talked about here. Apparently, this castle can only be seen by special children and it can't be seen by normal people and cannot be recorded or captured in a camera.
  • Elements make up the whole world. For example, in humans, according to the series, they are composed of 36 different types of elements. One element goes missing, then life and locomotion will stop. But these elements are slowly disappearing.
Now for some definition of terms:
  • Positive Elements - elements that disappear from earth and has gone to the other side of the Zero Wall to a planet called Nega Earth in the Minus Universe.
  • QEX- Stands for Quintessence X. They Nega Earth creatures that turns violent after absorbing positive elements.
And the second batch of character introductions:

Dr. Aimee Carr
Ally Connolly(middle), Tom Benson(left) and Dan Karas (right)

For my second point....

I realized that Element Hunters is your typical hero story. In this episode, the chosen children are in a stage of not accepting their responsibility as heroes because they are afraid of the dangers that could endanger them. It's like "I'm only a regular kid so there's no way I'm gonna do it". In this series' case, Ren is the only one willing to be a hunter while Chiara and Homi are still reluctant. But as typical as it is, sooner or later something would happen that would make the two agree to be hunter. It is only at that point that their adventure at Nega Earth will officially start.

Well then, I will definitely follow through this series. I am enjoying hearing familiar terms and besides, I get a little flashback from my Chemistry class from almost 5 years ago! Hahahaha.

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