Sunday, July 5, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles 11-13

A very special Valkyria Chronicles Episode....Still Faldio-centric as usual.

I am warning you, as early as now that I am not posting any episode summary as I am only focusing my attention to the cutest and most handsome man in the series,

Anyway, I've got to see three different and lovable sides of Faldio and I am liking him much, much, much, much more!

Episode 11:
Military Faldio
We get to see the military Faldio. He is wearing his military uniform as he receives his award from Princess Cordelia along with Welkin. So clap, clap, clap, clap for Faldio!!! I am so proud for him!!! Hahaha. And did I mention that he looks good on his uniform? He does right???right????

Episode 12:
Manly Faldio
For this episode, we will be meeting Faldio, a real man! Gosh he sounded so manly when he said to Welkin "What will you do if I said that I like Alicia?" Welkin is so stunned when he heard it and Faldio walked away, leaving his friend in a state of a big big shock.

Episode 13:
Casual Faldio

This is my favorite..... Faldio wearing his casual clothes. Though they are in a mission to infiltrate, Squads 1 and 7 are in their normal clothing to be able to sneak into the city without arousing any suspicion. And I've got to stay that Faldio is the most handsome guy in their group, all biases aside. He is wearing blue polo inside and a light brown jacket. Wow, it was only then that I realized that brown and blue can blend and can be perfect partners. Oh Faldio, everything you wear looks so good on you. Haayyyy...

Some more Faldio moments:


Damn, he looks so cute!!!!♥


  1. I really like Valkyria Chronicles! I love reading what you have written about the episodes after I have seen them. Keep writng!

    I agree with you! Faldio is the best!

  2. @MissMagicGirl..

    Faldio = LOVE ♥

    watchout for my future valkyria posts.they will be coming w/in this week!:)