Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 13

The cooooolest of all Homonculus!!!

The first episode of Greed's appearance and he is still freakinly awesome! I missed this guy. Can't really call him the villain but he is one of my most favorite characters of all time.


We finally meet my favorite Homonculus, Greed! Gosh, I love when he said that "I am Greed, I am greedy!" He sounds so much greedy. Hahaha. Of course, what is FMA without all the funny and crack moments that would spurt out every now and then. For this time, we credit the crack moments to Greed, to Izumi and to Ed and Al for adding the crazy factor in the episode.


We also get to have a little lecture with Ed as he explains to Greed something about atom structure and a little Chemistry. Ed is really talented when it comes to science and alchemy. He get to think quickly and was able to counter Greed's absolute defense.


So I got another reason why I love the re-adaption as compared to the first one. It's all because of Greed. Greed's complete form looks much better and cooler this time.


Another highlight of the episode is Roy's transfer to Central and he requested that he will be transferring together with his staff and he won't accept any complaints. But our dear Havoc found a girlfriend and is reluctant to leave. Roy's order is: BREAK UP WITH HER!!! Hahaha. Roy's so mean but I like him right now. Even if Hughes is dead, he still able to pull a little crack as compared to the previous season where he completely changed to his serious side after the death.

So next episode, would be the rescue of Al from Greed. I am looking forward to their confrontation where Ed will learn the secret about the weakness of the Homunculus.

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