Sunday, July 19, 2009

Special Parfait of the Week: Sora wa Maru de


Sora wa Maru de (空はまるで) is Monkey Majik's 4th album, and the 2nd album under binyl Records.

Monkey Majik is a J-Pop-rock band composed of two Canadian members and two Japanese members. Sora wa Maru de was the first album that I have of Monkey Majik and I simply love it. I never get tired of hearing the album no matter if I listen to it for days.

The album contains a mix of upbeat songs, slow ballads and songs that can make you feel relaxed -- and a couple of the tracks feature artists M-flo and the Yoshida Brothers. Also, because the lead singers are Canadian, you can never hear Engrish in their songs -- and even if they're Canadian, they also have fluent Japanese!

The tracks I highly recommend in this album are: Pretty People, Picture Perfect, Long Shot Penny, I Miss You, Change and Around the World.

This is the first J-pop special parfait featured here in H*P, and I hope that all of you guys like my recommendation!

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