Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hanasakeru Seishounen - Episode 10

Isn't he the cutest guy in the series?
O my gosh, I am always drooling over him. Hahaha.
I love Li Ren's pose in this picture.
He looks so so so so so so so handsome!!!!! :)

For this episode, we go back in time as the story flashes back in the year 1955 where the Burnsworth and the Raginei people have crossed paths. As early as 1955, there is already an interaction between Raginei and the Burnsworth. The retell is not yet done but it seems that this relationship is going to affect the present time.
Since this mostly a flashback episode, I am so afraid that I won't see my dear Li Ren but lo and behold, he appeared and as usual, my eyes went 0________0 because of his cuteness and handsome looks.
Along with the flashback, we get to meet different people from the past:

The Crown Prince of Raginei, Mahati Sheik Dai Raginei
~he is the grandfather of Rumati and shares the same personality and facial features like him~

Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Catherine Burnsworth
~Kajika's grandparents~

According to Li Ren, Harry Burnsworth (Kajika's father) past is a taboo. No one knows if he is the real son of Fred and Catherine or if he was adopted by the couple. Even up to now, the truth is hiding somewhere in the shadows.
And some more Li Ren moments that I can't afford to not capture:

Photobucket I always enjoy capturing Li Ren's moments.
They are all worthwhile moments!!!!!!

Next episode will be continuation of the flashback..We all turn back in time once again. :)

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