Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3rd Nodame Anime will be the Final

3rd Nodame Anime will be it's last!

It's Chiaki and Nodame's last anime season...Oh no!:(

The 3rd anime adaptation of the romantic comedy, Nodame Cantabile will be the last one to come out. The said anime is scheduled to be released in the next fall season (January 2010) with the title Nodame Cantabile: Finale. The story would still be set in Paris, similar to the second adaptation.

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Oh noooooooooooo x_X No more Chiaki next year? I hope this third adaptation would be worth the end. I don't want the Nodame anime to end. It's one of the best animes I ever watched and so I expect that the final anime season would be the greatest season of this anime :)


  1. if the story will start from the paris ed then it will also end at paris?
    the anime is still ongoing... err... im scared because they might cut lots of scenes to make the story short =(

  2. NOOOOO x_X i don't like it to be a shortcut!!!!