Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Dangerous Area

This is an exciting and a very thrilling case!
With Akai and Subaru involved, a bomb case begins!

The chapter starts with Vodka and Gin talking about the possibility that the person they saw on TV regarding the bank robbery is Akai Shuuichi. They are already wondering about the incidences that they saw Akai and realized that those events were too much to be of a coincidence.
Then the scene changes to Ran, Conan and Mouri at the Detective Agency. Ran is talking about an anonymous person who wants to seek the advice of Detective Mouri about the mystery of the red t-shirt. They agreed to meet at the equipment counter of the Sports Equipment Center at the Baika Department Store. When they arrive there, as if made by coincidence or work of fate, they met Jodie-sensei with her partner Camel. Jodie is asking the sales lady about the a hat that is only sold there. That hat was the very same hat worn by the person she belives to be Akai Shuuichi during the bank robbery case. While Jodie is waiting for Camel to come out of the comfort room, she saw the message under her coaster that says "Run! This place is dangerous". Meanwhile, Subaru is also on the area asking something to the sales lady.
Since their client didn't arrive, Mouri decided to go home when he noticed a suspicious paper bag by the elevator. A man stopped them from checking it and told them that it might be a bomb. Shocking as it is, the man also has bomb around his torso. He was knocked down by a masked man at the comfort room and found the bomb on his body upon waking up. He was warned by the masked man that they should not call the police nor let someone escape from the store. He also said that he will place paper bags in front of stairs and elevators and he should do as he says. The masked man wants them to find the sender of the 13 red shirts inside the bag. He added that the sender is definitely on this floor.
On the other hand, on the crowd are Akai and Subaru trying to keep a low profile.

Just as I expected, this would be a big case! There's already a lot of tension in the chapter and I am so excited to read the next. What's the shirt is all about and the intention of both Akai and Subaru, I wanna know them all!

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