Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 10 and 11

Special Tears to Tiara Double Post!

I got to say, Octavia is my favorite female character in Tears to Tiara! She's talented, beautiful and intelligent!
I love her hair!!! It's so long..:)

Episode 10:
I am really happy that Octavia joined Arawn's side. She's a skilled woman and she can really help a lot, especially Arthur who matured one more step forward. But of course, I understand Arthur's position when he cannot trust Octavia at first. I think it's a very normal reaction but after hearing Arawn's thoughts about trusting her, I also changed my point of view. Anyway, I am glad that Octavia has already decided on who to work with and I look forward to seeing more of her in the next few episodes.
More indepth summary in here:

Episode 11:
It's really understandable that the next episode would still be about Octavia's loyalty to Arawn's side. Afterall, episode 9 didn't close her relationship with the Imperial Army and this is right time for her to fully choose where to side. But, sad to say, things ended up not so good for her since the person she treasures and loves, Lidia, died in her hands. It might have been better if things worked out differently for the two of them. But I think everything will now be okay for Octavia as all things are clear for her. At least, she get to say to Lidia that she loves her.
Again, more detailed summary in this link:

Thanks to reychop.exe for the summaries!


  1. Hello! I think Octavia never get to say "I love you" to Lidia because she's already dead when Octavia brought her close to her and said "I really liked you".

    Anyway, I find it weird that you label your chapters as Episode 9 and linked it to my Episode 10 and Episode 10 was linked to Episode 11... Mistake perhaps?

  2. Correction (quoted from my entry in my site)

    "Ammendment: Rathty did not tell Octavia that she'll be her tour guide. I remembered the subtitles wrongly. Instead, it was in reference to "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" spoken after one introduces herself to another person.

    Usually this translates to "Please take good care for me" but the animax seems to place "Please guide me" in the situation...

    I am deeply sorry for this misinformation... I am aware that it is a very big impact and may even affect the impression for the future episodes. That is negligence in my part. I am really forgetful. Maybe I'll start taking down notes rather than let my mind do the working.

    Anyway, I do hope that you still trust that this site is capable of giving an exact, accurate, informative and good summary...

    Again, I am sorry... Gomenasai, ne... I didn't mean it..."

  3. By the way, the above post refers to Episode 10: The Honourable Warrior...

  4. OMG. I am sorry..hhahahaha. it's a typo error. thanks for pointing that out :) already changed the errors...:D

    and it's alright about your correction :) no problem. i will still be linking your site for future tiara episodes.

    yoroshiku :)

  5. Thanks! What a relief... Tomorrow's Saturday!!! Yup Yup! I'll be hoping to update another episode soon....

  6. Wahhh... Hello... I have taken too long but I have put up Episode 12. A bit boring episode but it has some interesting information.

    I would say this is the calm before the storm as Gaius seems to be very bent on pursuing the Gaels and ending them...

  7. hey! i will be posting episode 12 2nyt :)

  8. Thanks... I saw the post... I'll comment on it once I read it...