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Detective Conan - Episode 535

Episode 535: The Old Scar and the Detective's Spirit

Finally, Takagi got his long awaited kiss! All of his hardships are worth it!


We now bring the scar case to its conclusion. Episode 535 starts off with Conan and Takagi visiting the mahjong parlor the victims frequently goes into. It was found out, according to the owner that the victims are his customers every Saturday at 10:00 PM. While playing mahjong, the four of them would discuss recent cases and have their own deduction battle. What's so great about them is that their deduction was always correct!
One day, as they are doing their usual deduction battle days, they talked about a perfect crime. After that, the three of them stopped coming except for the then young Hiramune-san who would all alone polish the mahjong tiles. Then, the owner remembered that there was a person who would always be annoyed by their deductions.
One time, when it was only Hiramune-san who would come to the parlor, he got into a fight with this person and caused a commotion. Because of the fight, the mahjong tiles were destroyed and so they can't be used anymore. Since the police stopped the fight, Conan suggested that they should look into the records to get to know this customer, who could be the suspect to the murder crimes. After checking, it was found out that the customer's name is Kibo Dokurou. Kibo is a burglar-murderer who was imprisoned for 15 years and was just released recently.
The police are now in search for Kibo while Takagi was tasked to fetch Nabei Eiki-san, who heard the voice of the murderer when he was still a child. Conan and the Shounen Tantei transferred to Satou's car.
While driving, Conan is still confused on the case and still thinking about it. He wonders about the Z mark on the Hiramune-san's back, the Ctrl+C on the keyboard and the meaning behind why Hiramune grasped the mouse cord. Then Ayumi, casually commented "because he caught the tail of the mouse, that person must be a cat, right?" This gave light to Conan thoughts and saw through everything else.
Here is his deduction:
  • Hiramune's dying message says that his killer is not actually the serial killer - just an imitator.
  • Ctrl+C = COPY.
  • Holding on to the mouse cord = refers to the cat holding a mouse's tail.
  • Combine the keywords..COPY + CAT = COPYCAT
  • The murdered Hiramune-san happens to be original serial killer. This was suggested by the Z mark on his back. Due to the scar made Superintendent Matsumoto, he has to find a way to hide the scar and the letter that would perfectly fit is Z. By doing this, the new serial killer can camouflage in the shadows of the original serial killer that the police are chasing.
  • And who is the new serial killer? It's Nabei Eiki-san! Why? It was only him who knew the about the whistling and mahjong references not to mention that he knew the victim's real voice. It's likely that he heard the voice Hiramune-san on TV and it rang a bell on his mind. This is where the seeds of vengeance grew inside him.
Meanwhile, Takagi-kun is in danger as he also discovered the truth when Eiki-san hit him with a bat. Eiki-san revealed the truth to Takagi. The reason why Hiramune killed he other three was because of their talk about the perfect crime. What is this perfect crime?
  • This perfect crime is about whether it is possible to steal a gun from the police without anyone taking notice.
  • They had different opinions but Hiramune decided to commit the crime.
  • When they meet again, Hiramune thought they will praise him, but was scolded instead.
  • They all kept quiet about the crime for a while but Nabei-san had thoughts of spilling the beans to the police.
  • This led to the murder that took place years ago.
Having known that Takagi is in danger, the police came as backup. Though Takagi was shot, he didn't got any serious injuries. He was saved by the mahjong tiles that he kept on his chest pocket. What a lucky guy!
Anyway, finally this case come to a close. Next episode would be another Shounen Tantei case. I have read this in the manga too but I won't be spoiling anybody right now. 536 will be posted next time!

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