Monday, June 22, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 452

Closing on Danzou.

It's amazing that the manga and the anime are all about Sasuke. I am appreciating Naruto more right now because of it. Sooner or later, anime Naruto and manga Naruto will soon be meeting Sasuke after a long, long, long while.
Gawd, how I wish for the original Team 7 become complete again.

Finally, Naruto and Sakura gets to have an overview of Sasuke's new personality right now. Of course, that includes that fact that they learned that Sasuke is now a part of the Akatsuki and is incharge of capturing the 8-tails. It's understandable that Naruto will be shocked upon knowing the whereabouts of his bestfriend since a long time has passed with no news or whatever information about him. What Naruto needs to know right now is the truth between Itachi and Sasuke as this would be the key for him to get through Sasuke's feelings, which he has suppressed for a very long, long, time.
As for Sai, I think this is an opportunity to test his friendship with Naruto and Sakura. He is on an awkward position. As much as he wants to speak, he can't because of the seal Danzou placed on his tongue.
Next chapter would be about the council of the kages. It's going to be another interesting one!

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