Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 695

Chapter 695: Ill-tempered

Conan and Heiji's deduction show begins!!

So from the three suspects, Conan and Heiji were able to identify the real culprit. They were able to identify that person based on the statements that they gave earlier. To review, Satsuma Kazuo went to watch Sumo Wresling, Harufuji Kengo wants to watch beach volleyball and lastly, Kyuuma Takuya likes to watch soccer. The culprit? It's Kyuuma Takuya. Why? It's because he said this: "Well since I'm a fan of the visiting team, Big Osaka...I clapped my hands at their victory, but thought it was embarrassing how they embraced each other on the field.." Below are the explanation:
  • team who travels to another stadium - for soccer, it is termed as the away team not the visiting team
  • fans - supporters
  • field - pitch
So obviously, he didn't use any single term common to soccer that a regular fan would use often. That is why he is the culprit. Now, you may ask, what is his motive?
  • The game that the victim went is a baseball game. He caught the homerun pitch and so he wanted to show off to his friends about it.
  • While he caught the homerun ball, Takuya-san is behind him, wanting to get the ball too. Apparently, he wants to get the ball in memory of his dead girlfriend who wanted to have a homerun ball from the baseball player.
  • He asked from the victim for the ball, explaining to him the situation he is but the victim didn't listen. This is what provoked Takuya-san to attack using a mop.
  • The victim didn't die luckily. When he was asked what happened, it seems that he didn't listen to the explanation of Takuya-san. The victim was heartbroken so the mere mention of a girlfriend despised him. But when he got to his senses, he will give the ball to Takuya-san as a form of apology.
  • The victim was inlove with Kazuha-chan. He only used the charm as an excuse to get close to her. But after seeing Heiji and how Kazuha loved him, he gave up and ended up scribbling on Heiji's picture, which was inside Kazuha's charm bag.
This is a very weird story. I never thought that the motive would be something about girlfriend or love. But oh well, this is a simple case but as always, I never actually understood it. Hahaha. I am never destined to be a detective!

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