Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hanasakeru Seishounen - Episode 9

Battle: Li Ren vs. Eugene!!!!!

I am really satisfied with this episode! Li Ren get to show his cooking skills! OMG. I really want him!!

And for me, Li Ren won in his "showdown" with Eugene. Hahaha. Such a bias choice ;)


It's been a while since I posted Hanasakeru. Well, subs of m33w are kinda delayed because of school stuffs but here is one of their double releases. So I am describing this episode as a Li Ren and Eugene showdown! You wouldn't want these two to be in the same ground for a long time or else, I don't know what could possibly happen.


On the otherside, Kajika and Yui finally meet and I admire their friendship. Even though Kajika is rich and has a high stature in life, Yui didn't see that as a hindrance for them to be friends. Luckily for Kajika, she was able to find a friend in Yui.


Well, everybody is happy right now. I think this episode is a breather for all tension of the previous arc. Well, enjoy the feast. Foods are cooked by Li Ren himself!! Waa..
And would I fail to mention this one? Li Ren looks so cute in this screenshot. Oh, gosh!! I wanna be next to guy like him. Hahaha.


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