Thursday, May 7, 2009

Want to wake up hearing Lelouch or Zero's voice?

Lelouch Clock
Waking up with Lelouch!

I saw this post at lj and so I thought of sharing it here so that even the non-lj people can also know.

Anyway, its a Lelouch clock and the it alarms with Zero and Lelouch's voice. I think you can set as to what alarm you want to hear, depending on your mood. The voice is of course courtesy of Jun Fukuyama, the original VA of Lelouch and Zero in the anime. The alarm is on Japanese language, of course.

So wanna know the different alarms? Here they are! Translations of the alarms is credited to kankiin from lj.

• "Get up with all your might!"
• "You have two options: wake up immediately or sleep in and become late."
• "You're not awake yet? Well, then. Checkmate."
• "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" << The Zero laugh!

• "It's time to wake up...hmph, not a morning person are you? Well, I'll wake you up from now on, so don't worry."
• "When you wake up, I have something important to tell you. Something...very, very important."

So you think you will really wake up after hearing those voice? Well..for me, I think I would use Zero's alarm rather than Lelouch. I might end up sleeping more with Lelouch's alarm, thinking that it was a dream or something. But if it's Zero speaking, someone with authority and power, then it would really waken up my senses and get me up to my feet.

According to the website, the clock costs 6800 yen or roughly $59 dollars. If you convert to Philippine peso, then Php3000 would be its costs. The clock runs with AAA batteries which are included in the package. Dimensions of the clock would be approximately 180mm x 120mm x 60mm.

In short, acquiring a clock of this type would definitely cost you a lot of fortune!!!! Too bad -___-


  1. OH LOL!! I think I'd be scared to wake up to something like this! Ahahah!

  2. I rather want a Vampire Knight clock to die of never want to wake up than feeling geassed to stand up XD! I specially don't want to hear the Lelouch's laugh lol.. it's... scary >_<

  3. ... So I can actually be geassed to wake up?! LULZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. @harukihotaru..
    i think you can always switch to lelouch mode of alarm. i think it's milder rather zero's authoritative voice.

    oh..a VK clock! that would be nice esp if it's kaname waking me up..that would be sweeetttttttt :)

    yeah. if you don't want to stand up, then be prepared. kinda effective if you're kinda bored to wake up early. :D

  5. I want the Zero laugh for my alarm clock. My mornings will be amusing everyday. Hahahaha!