Monday, May 25, 2009

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Graphic Novels

Ace Attorney Graphic Novels~ <3
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I was so ecstatic when I found these graphic novels on my friend's shelf this morning. I didn't even hesitate to borrow them from her. I didn't realize that Graphic Novels for the Ace Attorney series exist -- so I hurriedly started reading them. They are actually compilations of various one shot doujinshis and 4komas from different manga-kas.

Currently the graphic novels are in two volumes (the translated ones at least). The first one subtitled: Official Casefiles Vol. 1: The Phoenix Wright Files -- as the name suggests has all the stories revolving around Phoenix Wright. Most of them are centered around comedy while some suggest pairings (mostly Phoenix x Maya). The first volume was released last September 2008. The second one subtitled: Official Casefiles Vol. 2: The Miles Edgeworth Files, mainly revolves around Miles Edgeworth this time. I prefer this volume more because some of the doujinshis give speculations with what Miles was thinking in certain critical points of the game. There are also some doujins that give some depth to Miles and Phoenix's relationship as friends -- but still retain the comedy in them. The second volume was just released last Febuary 2009.

[Read from right to left]
I seriously love Phoenix with his hair wet... so bishie~ <3>
I wish he didn't hair dry his hair ever again TAT;
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Yes, one must dance gracefully with a pretty veil in order to lure out bears.
LOL. Pure crack <3 (Click on thumbnail to enlarge image)

I hope that there would be an Apollo Justice version of the graphic novels coming out. I want some HoboNick action. Both manga were translated by Del Rey mangas, and can be bought for 14.95USD each. YES I WANT TO BUY THEM TAT;;;

P.S.: I apologize for the blurry photos. I just captured them using a point-and-shoot camera, since I couldn't attempt to scan something I just borrwed. ^^;

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