Saturday, May 30, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 111

Shattered Promise!

Yuukimaru got so upset after seeing Guren and Rinji fall into the water enveloped by the crystal style technique. Because of this, the three tails has gone berserk and started destroying everything that is on its sight. Naruto thought using his water piston collaboration technique and summoned Gamatatsu and Gamakichi. Instead of using water, they will use toad oil so that Gamakichi's fire can grow stronger. They were successful but Kabuto got away and Yuukimaru is unconscious.
Anyway, I don't believe that Guren is already dead. The preview next week shows that she is under the water and the crystal tsubaki that Yuukimaru kept wasn't destroyed yet. And it would be too sad for Yuukimaru to loose the person he can go home to.
So next episode would be a little light, no fight scenes as Naruto, Kakashi and the others would rest to recover.

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