Saturday, May 30, 2009

K-ON! - Episode 9

Interested in music? Join K-on! Not only will you get to play music, you will get a free dose of tea, cakes and other sweets!

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The club officially welcomes Azusa as their new club member! She now starts joining the club activities but what did she find out? The carefreeness of the light music club! Tea party, eating cake everyday challenged her decision to join the club. But because Mio-chan helped her realized the fun and enjoyment each member feels, she became 100% decided that she indeed joined the right club for her.
Well, I can't blame Azusa because if I am in her place, I would probably quit and join other club. But Asuza seems to be enjoying the company of the club members especially when she eats the cake made by Tsumugi. So I think even if she can't believe it, somewhere deep inside her is happy to have met the K-on people.
Next episode, the gang goes on a training camp. I wonder, will they be really into training? Hahaha.

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