Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Prince of Tennis Manga Spoiler

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Since today will be the premier of New Prince of Tennis anime...let me share a spoiler for all Prince of Tennis fans out there.

If you are reading the manga, you should have seen this page when the members of the 1st Stringers arrived in the bus. Chapter 50 I think? In this chapter, the top 20 U17 Japan players are presented along with their names and faces...except for him.
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And finally, after a few more chapters, it is finally revealed that this man is indeed Echizen Ryoga, the adopted older brother of Ryoma, who first made his debut in the Two Samurai Movie. He also made some appearances in the Another Story.
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By the end of Chapter 68, he finally showed himself, calling Ryoma, as usual,  "chibisuke"... And Chapter 69 opened with the their first conversation. Apparently, Ryoma doesn't remember him at all...
As of latest chapter, Ryoga is spotted watching the representative matches for spots No. 10 and 9 with the rest of the camp.

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