Monday, January 2, 2012

....and we're back!

After a year on hiatus, Hyper Parfait is back!!!! :)

Since its the New Year, I figured this is a good welcome image since we are all in festive mood! I hope its not yet too late to greet everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Almost a year has passed since me and Sapphire Pyro decided to close down H*P...and I would never thought that we will be back this 2012. Well, as for me, RL was catching up so fast in my previous job (i'm a teacher before, so you could all imagine how crazy it was x_X) but now that I have moved back to the corporate world, where my work stays in the office, I got back my liberty of enjoying my stay at home. Thus it follows that I have more free time to watch and post entries at the same time. Yey for me!

Anyway, for now, we are still doing some adjustments and preparations for our great comeback but expect more from us in the next days to come. Well, you could consider this post as our "soft opening", as we resurrect the site back to its former glory. Hehehe ^_^ We have started already with our layout and labels, but there's more that needs some fixing.

We shall be starting this new anime season, so in the next few days we shall be posting more....but for now, just wait first as we try to get our footing back! :)

It's really great to be back! ^_____________________^

P.S. Our twitter and FB page will be back in a short while. Stay tuned!