Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kuroshitsuji 2 - Episode 12 [END]

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Episode 12: Black Butler

I know I am so delayed in posting this. Being in denial that Kuroshitsuji has already ended really hampered my posting schedules, not to mention the flu that I caught over the weekend. 

I honestly don't know where to begin my posts. A lot has happened in the episode but I guess the most important highlight was in the ending part. By now, you may have already know what happened in episode 12, so I want to reserve this post to all of my comments/thoughts and everything else as I watched for almost three times the finale.

But for those who still didn't watch Episode 12, summaries are here and here.

The ending of Kuroshitsuji was something really unexpected for me, which is good, personally because it came to me as a surprise. The ending was perfect, yet tragic in various perspectives.  Unlike any typical anime that you can predict the ending, this one really blew me away, 100%! I swear, the night that I watched Kuroshitsuji via Keyhole, it took me a while before I get to sleep again because my eyes were like 0_0, unable to believe what I just saw. Absorbing the events of the episode while trying to sleep is a very hard task. I am really sleepy the following day, all thanks to Kuroshitsuji.

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I kinda expected Claude's death, because he is a demon and how the hell will you eliminate the competition if he is demon if not through death. At first I thought Ciel will have to live through with two competing butlers. I am really cheering for Sebastian as their duel started and continued but I kinda wished for more. It happened too fast. I know Claude can do more than that, right? He existed for 12 episodes only to meet his death because he slipped. But in any way, Sebastian and Claude's final conversation is really professional as there are no catfights or teasing, or mocking. Claude died peacefully. I just wish we get to hear his final words completely. I am hoping and assuming that Claude died as a Trancy butler.

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I am also happy for Alois that he is now not lonely and finally reunited with Luca with Hannah and Claude. The thing that Alois wants the most, is finally happening to him. Wherever are they right now, I just wish that all of them are enjoying and loving the beginning of eternity with one another.

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Speaking of eternity, Sebastian being Ciel's eternal butler is a good and bad news for me. I have mixed opinions because I love Sebby. As a Sebby x Ciel supporter, of course, the idea that the two of them will share an eternal relationship is joy to my ears but as a pure Sebastian lover, the idea of Sebastian being cursed of not being able to consume his meal is not so good to hear. Obviously, Sebastian is not 100% happy about this and he is on a I've-got-no-other-choice situation as well, he will forever be a butler to a demon master, Ciel Phantomhive. It's like I want to fangirl over it but I can't because I feel so bad for Sebby.

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But nevertheless, this type of ending is really something different and superb! It perfectly fits the anime storyline. Personally, if the ending will be Sebby consuming Ciel's soul as planned, then the excitement and the impact of the anime will not be as a big as compared to what happened. Besides, it has become too predictable to happen, eliminating the sense of surprise to what can possibly happen. If there's one thing that I don't like about the ending, it is just the tragic element of Sebby not getting to eat his dinner, something that he has prepared for a VERY LOOOONNNGGGGG TIME.

Opinions of fans are different regarding talks about Season 3. Of course I want one as a result of my separation anxiety from Kuroshituji, but if S3 will really happen, what possible plots can happen? Ciel has already completed his revenge and will happily spend ever after with Sebastian, so I don't know what possible story line to use. It might become dragging, and it might tarnish the good reputation Kuroshitsuji has left its viewers. The OVAs are good enough to fill in the separation needs of Kuroshitsuji but unless the staff will once again manage to craft a new story, I don't think a good Season 3 plot will be born.

I will be posting once again once I wrap up my Kuroshitsuji posts for Hyper Parfait but as early as now, my thanks to everyone who followed through my posts and commented on them. I really do love doing this for everyone, especially for a show that we all love. Kudos also to Yana and to the staff for the very amazing Kuroshitsuji II. Of course, OVAs, once released and subbed will be posted so this will not be the last Kuroshitsuji posts you will see from me.

Who knows, Season 3 might come for real, right?


  1. I have mixed feelings with this episode....I really feel for Sebastian here. I pity Sebastian not being able to cash in on the contract, which is good if there is to be a season three, but since at one point after the great fire, Ciel was dead, and Sebastian about to claim his soul, I feel like Seb got cheated here. Who knows if there will be a third season, but I am at least thankful the manga is still ongoing. At the same time, maybe there will be more twisted antics to look forward to.

  2. @Bastiansmagic

    I really feel for him. I think, if anyone is at his situation right now, that person will definitely feel really bad, and yes CHEATED.

    I guess Sebby is now wishing that fans didn't wished for Season 2. At least by then, he can safely eat Ciel's soul since the character of Claude Faustus is not yet existent at that point in time. HAHA.

  3. XD Yeah, I bet Sebastian feels cheated.
    As for a third season, maybe Ciel forming a contract with someone with many twists and stuff (xD).

  4. watching sebby's expression at the end was heartbreaking for me. I know the ending was good, but at the same time, it's too cruel, and too cold. We all know that Sebby is a demon, and that perhaps, as an evil, plotting demon- this would be the most fitting end for him... however, given the way the anime has developed Sebby, it is difficult to just slap a black and white label of "bad and evil" on him. Anime Sebastian has a lot of gray areas- he was made sympathetic somehow- as Yana says, he is kinder in the anime, and this easily overlaps to Sebastian becoming a little bit more humanized. You feel bad for the guy and you want to root for him, despite the fact that his intentions aren't exactly good! The reason why the ending is hard for me to absorb is because the dynamic between Ciel and Sebastian seemed ruined. While it was good that Ciel seemed his usual bastard self, Sebastian looked like he no longer wanted to have anything to do with Ciel- which is a real darned shame, given the intense development of their relationship. Ciel was no longer just "food" to Sebastian. If Ciel was just "food"- as every character in the anime kept mentioning, it would have been easier for Sebastian to just go for "a more obtainable soul." Ciel and Sebastian had a special bond which went beyond "demon and prey"- and the ending felt off because THIS particular dynamic, which has been the underlying dynamic for the entire season one and two, was spoilt.

    oh well- perhaps they wanted to keep an opening which would somehow allow them to develop a season 3. I mean, after a seemingly set-in-stone conclusion from season 1- I must say, I am EXTREMELY impressed with the plot they came up with for Season 2... So who knows? By keeping both Ciel and Sebby still alive, there's probably room to develop a Season 3. The writing was superb, overall, for Season 2- if you ignore the stand-alone filler episodes.

    Kuroshitsuji has become quite the cash cow, and knowing Japan's industrious nature of being able to milk cash out of practically anything- Season 3 is likely. I just hope that if it happens, they find a way to restore that dynamic...

  5. I think in the end Sebastian will still covet Ciel's soul, and the bond they formed may even enhance that. If there should be a Season 3, you will probably see them in an even greater bond, and at the back of Sebastian's mind is the intense hunger for that soul...Once the milk is ready to stop flowing, then Sebastian's payment will be met....

  6. @Bastiansmagic
    Oh yes, I think that sometime in the distant future, Sebby will have his meal, he just have to wait for a little while. I want S3 as well, a stronger bond between the two. It will be a challenge though for the writers to come up with a new and good story to continue Kuroshitsuji.

    Thanks for your comment! It was so profound, that you actually said what is on my mind right now. I agree with you, that Sebby now feels that he is on a eternal curse with Ciel. That's also a reason why I hated the ending. I have a feeling that Sebby is not looking at Ciel just the way he is looking at him before, and that is kinda sad for me.

    On the other hand, the fangirl me is happy about the ending. Haha. I really do feel weird about the ending. I'm happy yet I am disappointed. I don't even exactly know what I really feel about this series!

    That is also a possible S3 plot. HAHA. Let's just wait and see, who knows sometime in the future, another announcement will be made that S3 is green lit. *crosses all of my fingers*

  7. for some reason i lost my respect for Ciel !! although he's not the one at fault !! if i were him at least .. i would have let sebby go .. not making him a butler for eternity !!
    c'mon >__< !!and we thought he has a pure soul!!i mean since ciel is the type of person who never break a promise (pure).. what happened there is so cruel >__< !! but i believe the change in his character was due to him turning into a demon ... so he doesn't have a soul anymore .. means he's not Ciel anymore .. S3 !! i think it will be hard for them to make s3 !! since ciel's announced his death ... i had a feeling like it was the ending of the show .. since ciel is a demon now .. the whole show will be revolved about demons.. other than that ... it will be a miracle to revive the show with marvelous idea for s3
    -poor sebby T__T-

  8. i agree with all of you...i don't recognize ciel at the ending at all, he never breaks promises!!...the dynamic of sebbyxciel was lost and i'm really disappointed of that...and watching sebby's expression at the end was heartbreaking for me too....the whole ending was heartbreaking...

  9. I agree with everyones comments but I guess Im just trying to cling to hope by saying this.
    When Ciel asked him why he didn't kill him before he became a demon, and Sebastian replied something like, 'he had to make sure'. Would that not mean he knew the repercusions coming into it (becoming Ciel eternal butler) but still accepting it by letting him live. So therefore he might not be as bitter as everyone thinks

  10. I don't think Sebastian likes becoming the butler forever. His face in the end and his motivation from before clearly show that. He tried to eat his soul, but Ciel was "snatched" away. He didn't try to spare Ciel.. He always tried to eat him.

    Also, I don't believe there's anything good for Sebastian in becoming the butler forever.
    He is now trapped forever and won't be able to eat souls, the thing that demons are born for, unless his master wants it. Let alone eating the most delicious one. The one he fought so hard for.

    I don't like the ending and feel I shouldn't have watched the anime at all. The ending made the anime lose its *taste*...

    I hope there's a sequel which will make up for it.

  11. OH GOSH, I HOPE THERE'S A SEQUEL! Anything to help me forget the horrible expression on Sebastian's face at the end!!! UGHHHH..... I feel so depressed watching that ending... But I guess Ciel can still die, I mean a shinigami could kill him in future but.... AGGHHHHH!!! My head hurts! DARN IT!They can easily cook up SOMETHING. ANYTHING. PLEASE. ... My heart is starting to hurt now so I think I'll go read some fluffy shoujo manga... * Starts tearing up*

  12. I was dissappointed to the last episode. It was totally boring. It's also wierd that manga and anime are allmost completely diffirent. The start was awesome but it died in the end. I was hoping something more interesting but no. I have watched so many anime that it's sad for me also that anime is boring. It is super sad if the anime ends completely here. I'm waiting for more. (^_^)/

  13. I agree with you but another thing i dont like is ciel, who i guess wanted to be eaten and be at peace was still living in a dark world. I feel sad for ciel's situation just like i feel pity for sebastian. huhuhuhuhu.. i cant stop feeling this mixed emotionss!!!