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Naruto - Chapter 501-502

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Chapter 501: Attack of the Kyubi
Chapter 502: Yondaime's Battle to the Death

FINALLY! After a long while, we now got to know what happened in the past when the Kyubi first attacked Konohagakure.
(This is another of my long over due post. Blame Basyang, the tropical storm that recently visited the country. x_x)

Chapter 501 highlights:
  • Naruto has been kidnapped and the Kyubi is on the verge of being revived!
  • With Naruto on his hands, Madara demands for Minato to leave Kushina. 
  • But Konoha's Yellow Flash is indeed a flash as he managed to get back the infant Naruto.
  • But with the use of explosive tags on Naruto's blanket, Minato was forced to get away from the cave.
  • Minato used his Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) to get away.
  • Meanwhile, Madara brought Kushina in a altar and he says that he wants to take the Kyubi and destroy Konoha.
  • Minato brings Naruto to a safe place and sets forth to save Kushina right now.
  • Madara used his Sharingan to release the Kyubi from his seal. 
  • Kyubi successfully came out and he is now under Madara's control. They are now heading for Konoha. 
  • Kushina is barely alive, but is about to be attacked by the Kyubi under Madara's control.
  • Fortunately, Minato arrived just in time to save her loving wife. Kushina used her remaining strength to ask for Naruto's whereabouts as well as to tell Minato the plan of Madara.
  • With his super speed, Minato easily runs away from the battlefield and secures Kushina with Naruto. Kushina is so relieved to be with his son.
  • After securing his family, Konoha's Yellow Flash heads to protect the village.
  • In Konoha, a young Itachi with the infant Sasuke senses a something bad. 
Chapter 502 highlights:
  • The Kyubi's appearance causes unrest in Konoha! 
  • Itachi is taking care of Sasuke and is bother by the ill feeling that he has. Sasuke cries and the loving brother promised that he will protect him no matter what happened. 
  • In the same time, the then young Kakashi and Guy and the Sandaime felt the impending doom that is about to fall to Konoha.
  • Madara has now summoned the Kyubi and with no time to loose, the Kyubi started to cause havoc and destruction to the village. 
  • Sandaime readily prepares for the fight while wondering if Kushina's seal did break.
  • Minato stands on the Hokage Monument and the Kyubi sees him. Minato will not let his village get destroyed. 
  • The nine-tails attacked but it was deflected by Minato's time-space technique. 
  • Sandaime gets ready to move and Minato plans to let him know the real situation. But that wouldn't be the case since Madara is by his side.
  • Minato tries to stab Madara, but he failed as the blade went past Madara's body and Madara grabbed him.
  • Madara is about to use his Sharingan to suck Minato but the Yellow flash lived by its name and teleported himself to the village. 
  • Madara quickly follows and that is the time when Minato wonders if his opponent is Madara Uchiha. Based from the abilities of his masked opponent, he deduces that it might be Madara but quickly brushes off that idea since he believe that Madara is already dead. However, Madara didn't deny nor admit by answering who knows.
  • Minato says that it doesn't matter who he is and just asked why he is attacking Konoha. 
  • Madara answered that its both a whim and a plan. It's both for war and for peace. Minato thinks he has to stop this guy, no matter who he is before the worse comes to worst. 
  • Minato thinks that he can't go the village and make things more complicated. He is counting on the thought that Madara is limited by his Kuchiyose. He decides to leave Konoha to Sandaime's hands and deal with Madara right now.
  • Madara and Minato charges at each other and he again uses his teleportation technique to save himself from getting hurt. Minato also realizes that Madara is only solid when he plans to attack. In other words, it will be a battle of speed and agility.
  • The fight continues and Minato's kunai just went through Madara, as expected. Minato readies with his Rasengan but before Rasengan can reach him, Madara reached Minato.
  • Thinking that he has won, he didn't notice that Minato's kunai is on his back and that gives Minato the chance to use his teleportation technique to pin down Madara with a Rasengan from behind. 
  • And that attacked was what Minato called Hiraishin Level 2. 

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