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Naruto - Chapter 500

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Chapter 500: Naruto's Birth

Let's continue the story telling guys...
And it's so amazing that Naruto is already at Chapter 500. Half of a thousand. Congrats to Naruto :)

Chapter 500 highlights: 
  • After revealing the Kushina is the former Kyubi's host, Naruto is shocked.
  • She was chosen to be the Kyubi's second host. Kushina was brought to Konoha specifically to be the Kyubi's host.
  • Hi no Kuni (Land of Fire) and Uzu no Kuni (Land of Whirlpools), where Kushina came from as well as the villages of Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure are very close.
  • Also, the Uzumaki clan of Uzushio and the Senju clan of Konoha (First Hokage) are distantly related.
  • A special characteristic of the people from Uzushio is that they are all very long-lived, thus the nickname The Village of Long Life . And the Uzumaki clan specializes on seals.
  • The Shisho Fuin on Naruto's stomach was based on Uzushio's jutsu. Kushina was also the one who taught Minato Fuin Jutsus.
  • The mark on Naruto's back is the mark of the villageo of Uzushiogakure, a mark that is now used in Konoha as a symbol of friendship.
  • Uzu no Kuni doesn't exist since the sealing jutsus were feared during the war. And eventually, the village was attacked and destroyed. The survivors apparently all scattered to other lands and went into hiding.
  • Kushina was born with a very strong chakra, even for Uzushio, strong enough to control the Kyubi.
  • The first host of the Kyubi was also from Uzushio. She was Uzumaki Mito, and she was the First Hokage's wife.
  • In the legendary battle between The First and Uchira Madara, The First gained control of the Kyubi and in order to harness its power, Mito used her seal jutsu to seal the Kyubi within herself and become its host.
  • Ever since then, Konoha has always in possession of the Kyubi but when Mito is about to die, Kushina arrived. At first, she was shocked about her faith.
  • Her mission is top secret. Only three people know including the The Third Hokage and a couple of village elders.
  • Being the host, Kushina felt lonely and down but Mito told her that vessels must be filled with love. That day, even though she has to become Kyubi's host, she lived a happy and loving life. And upto now, she is happy with her life.
  • Naruto gets teary-eyed. With regards to the Kyubi's attack on Konoha 16 years ago, it is indeed true that Kyubi is under the control of a masked man from Akatsuki. But right up until then, the Kyubi was sealed within Kushina.
  • The masked Akatsuki man knew when a host's seal weakens and he planned his attack and stole the Kyubi. Apparently, the seal is at it's weakest at childbirth.
  • During the 10 months of pregnancy that lead up to giving birth, a female host must direct the energy that had been used on the seal, towards the child in her belly and so the Biju's seal weakens in proportion.
  • So flashback to 16 years agom the 10th day of the 10th month...
  • Minato, Kushina, The Third and Biwako (The Third's wife) are making preparations for Kushina's childbirth because when Mito gave birth previously, the seal nearly broke.
  • Kushina will give birth way from the village and within a barried. Minato, Biwako and Taji of the ANBU will go with them. And this is again top secret.
  • Of course, bodyguards will be deployed they will be all ANBU, under the Third's control.
  • Biwako said to Kushina that they will soon leave to the birth spot. While on the way, Kushina meets with Mikoto (Sasuke's mom) and baby Sasuke is in her arms. Miko said that the baby will be named Sasuke. The two had a baby talk and Kushina revealed that his son will be called Naruto. He will be the same age as Sasuke so Kushina hopes that they will become friends.
  • Biwako warns Kushina that her childbirth is top secret so even if she has labor pains, she needs to keep it quiet.
  • During labor, Kushina is in pain and Minato is so worried about his wife. But Biwako assures him that women are strong, so Kushina will just be fine.
  • While Kushina is laboring, the Kyubi is struggling to get free. At around that same time, the masked Akatsuki guys arrives and successfully infiltrates the location.
  • Kushina is trying her best while the Kyubi is also fighting his way out. But Kushina was able to successfully give birth to a healthy baby boy.
  • With the baby out, Kushina and Minato cries tears of joy. The last thing that they need to do is toe exert full control over the Kyubi once again.
  • But before this can be done, Biwako and Taji are knocked out by the masked man who threatens to kill the newly born Naruto if he doesn't step away from the host.

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