Friday, July 16, 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama - Episode 14

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This is so full of Usui-love ♥
One of my most favorite episodes so far! Kyaaaaaah ♥
Who would have thought that Usui stayed up all night just for Misa-chan? OMGEEEEE! ♥
The screenshot above is in the first parts of the episode where Usui barged in the Student Council room to ask for a towel. He is soaking wet after repairing the water system. DAMN, HE LOOKS SO HOT! ♥

Finally, the episode introduces a new character, Kanou Soutarou, a freshman student at Seika High. He is from Class 1-7 and we will be seeing more of him as the episodes progress. He is an important side character, and he strongly wonders why Usui and Misa-chan haven't admitted their true feeling to each other. Ooops, spoilers! Hahahhaha.

Anyway, this chapter stresses on Kanou's unique ability: hynopsis. He doesn't like to be with girls, and so he is opposed to Misa-chan's endeavor to bring more ladies into Seika High. He plans to get rid of Misa-chan, but Usui is always to the rescue! Waaaah! ♥

In his first attempt, Kanou hypnotized Misa-chan to act like a drunk student, in the hopes the she will be reprimanded for doing such behavior. But, fortunately, Usui found the unconscious Misa-chan in the broadcast room and brought her to the infirmary. When she woke up, she acted like a total fool, much like what a really drunk person would do. She even blushes in front of Usui, and even asked Usui to take off her clothes because she feel so hot!

Usui didn't give in of course and wrapper her like a sushi. He even took a video to prove to Misa-chan that she, indeed, acted like a total fool. Misa-chan fell unconscious and woke up with no memory of what happened.

Usui has hunches that its Kanou's doing. To confirm it, Yukimura crossed dress as a girl and he brought him in front of Kanou. Thinking that Yukimura is really a she, he became really shy and acted uneasy. Uncovering his secret, Kanou tried to hypnotize Usui to hate Misa-chan, but Usui is too good that even hypnosis won't get him.

Anyway, Misa-chan wanted to settle things with Kanou but he got her again. She fell under the hypnosis that when she wake up from a sleep within the next 24 hours, she will hate Usui forever. Didn't want that to happen, Usui spent the next 24 hours besides Misa-chan to prevent her from going to sleep.

Usui even followed her on the way home after her shift at the Maid Latte. He didn't go home and instead stayed in front of Misa-chan's house, calling her from time to time. Misa-chan, on the other hand, has no plans to sleep either as she burned the midnight oil to study. To help her get REALLY awake, Usui once again confessed his love for Misa-chan and even said that Misa-chan loves her. This makes Misa really flustered and bothered, enough to keep her eyes open throughout the night.

The next morning, Usui happily greeted Misa-chan and the two went together to school. Of course, Misa-chan gave him food because he hasn't eaten since last night. At school, the sleepiness takes a toll on Misa-chan. Yukimura offered to give blueberry supplements to Misa-chan but Yukimura is so easily hypnotized by Kanou. Instead of the supplements, he was hypnotized to give Misa pain killers, which makes Misa-chan really, really, really sleepy.


With the pain killer's effect plus the tiresome night of no sleep, Misa is having a hard time making herself awake. Usui arrives and they had a cheesy talk. Misa thanked him for all his help and Usui answered that she doesn't need to thank her. He even promised Misa-chan that he is willing to make Misa-chan fall in love with him over and over again, if that is what he needs to do. It's 5 minutes before 5PM, the end of the 24 hours and it seems Misa-chan fell asleep. Kanou is delighted that he is about to win.

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