Sunday, June 6, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 497

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Chapter 497: Kyubi vs. Naruto

The final battle...Kyubi vs. Naruto!
I knew that something or someone will appear while this battle is starting. Now, what will happen that Kushina appeared? So exciting!! 

Chapter highlights:

  • The risk may be huge but Naruto has to rip the Kyubi's chakra from the Kyubi's will and guard himself with his own strong will.
  • Hachibi and Bee is supporting Naruto everytime the Kyubi is attacking him.
  • Naruto goes into Sage Mode and uses Senpo Cho Odama Rasengan (Sage Technique - Super Sized Rasengan) to face the Kyubi but it is to no avail. 
  • Kyubi asks Naruto if he can defeat him and Naruto courageously says that he can since he already removed the seal.
  • But it turns out, the Kyubi only managed to defeat a bunshin and another Naruto appears to grab the Kyubi's tail and throw the beast off to the ground.
  • Two more Naruto clones arrive to attack Kyubi with a Futon Rasen Shurken (Wind Shuriken).
  • With the Kyubi down for a while, Naruto tries to pull Kyubi's chakra but Kyubi counters by using Evil Naruto. 
  • Evil Naruto is back and takes over Naruto.Bee warns Naruto not to give in. 
  • At the falls where Naruto is seated, Naruto is transforming to become a fox. The Kyubi's hatred is even stronger than Bee thought. Yamato will try to hold it back down.
  • While Naruto tries to fend off his hatred, Naruto sees his mother, Kushina. 

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