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Detective Conan - Chapter 716-718

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My attempt to catch up with Detective Conan Manga. Enjoy!

Chapter 716: Tori no Ichi
Chapter 717: Monkey and Nine
Chapter 718: Purity

Chapter 716 highlights:
  • Ran, Sonoko, Conan, Kogoro went to the Kaitou Region to celebrate the Rooster Festival.
  • They visited because the two ladies want to go to the Ranburi Shrine's specialty: Lovely Fortunes.
  • These fortunes only appear during the yearly rooster festival. They perfectly describe the ideal type of girl for the boy she likes.
  • So want to know what Ran's fortune is? Sonoko reads the fortune and it says: The one who captures this high strung old soul is a woman who displays the feminine virtues of old Japan. Gaudy fasions and mannish conduct are prohibited! If you persist and call to him as a proper woman, the distance between you two shall be shortened without limit.
  • Sonoko goes to the restroom for a while, when her handbag was stolen from her. She yells at Ran to catch the thief but with the fortune in mind, Ran is reluctant to use her karate skills since she believes that it is not a feminine-like.
  • In the end, the purse got stolen. Kogoro and Conan came running and they tell them what happen.
  • They describe the culprit as someone wearing a hyottoko mask, a mask worn by a fire man, a performer who generally dances while breathing fire from his mouth.
  • The next day, news say that the Tori-man has made yet another appearance at a rooster festival. Apparently, the tori-man has appeared last week at the Sandei Shrine's Firsr Rooster Festival. Moreover, the number of victims having their belongings stolen at shrines is escalating. He is feared to appear int he succeeding Rooster Festivals to be held at other shrines so the police are already increasing their security and vigilance.
  • Sonoko wants to get her revenge and wants to the go back at the Ranburi Shrine.
  • The next rooster day, Ran came wearing her long skirts. Sonoko wants again to back to the shrine to get a better love fortune.
  • The Tori-man attakcs again! Conan rushed and he found the Tori-man's daypack. According to the people, the Tori-man threw it at the people who were chasing him. Witnessess saw him running towards the pack.
  • Conan opens the daypack and found all the items stolen by the Tori-man, including Sonoko's purse. He also noticed blood on the daypack's shoulder strap.
  • On the side, a wounded man is found and is believed to be attacked by the Tori-man. Bystanders saw the Tori-man wearing the Hyottoko mask leave the person's side and start running away.
  • Suddenly, the wounded man said.."It's not Tori, it's Saru". He cannot really speak and so he just hand signaled the number 9.
  • So even though it is the Tori-man, why nine-monkeys?
Chapter 717 highlights: 
  • Inspector Megure came to attend to the case along with Takagi. They have discovered the identity of the stabbed person. He is Masuko Shirou, a resident of Haido City, 21 years old. He is a student who failed the entrance exam to get into Touto University's Literature Department.
  • The victim is taken to the hospital. The wound is not very deep, but he lost consciousness from the shock of being stabbed.
  • Conan relayed the clue left behind by the stabbed victim. Chiba-kun arrived and said that they have apprehended the Tori-man. They have 3 suspects because people saw Tori-man come inside a public restroom. The bystanders gathered around the restroom to ensure nobody would leave.
  • The police inspected the cubicles and they found a bloody knife, down jacket and the masked stashed in the utility closet.
  • The suspects are: Hino Tatsuo, a shrine visitor, and his face looks like a monkey. Next is Sarukawa Hisami, a part-time worker who just went to the festival to exchange items and maps to be used in a game. Last is Mizunoe Shinji, a company employee.
  • Mizunoe is also a victim of the Tori-man. His wallet was snatched and so he had a convenience store bento or lunch. He is suppose to present his receipt as a proof but he cannot find it.
  • Also, the police searched the Tori-man's day pack for his item and they found his bank book, which can confirm that its his.
  • Megure asked what are they doing at the festival and Conan said that the girls wants to get their lovely fortunes. Ran is about to show her fortune but she suddenly found a button in her wallet.
  • She thinks that the Tori-man lost a button when she encountered him yesterday. She must've picked up the button and put in the wallet along with her loose change.
  • It can be an important piece of evidence. If one of those three suspects has an article of clothing that has a missing button, then it is  no mistaking that he is the Tori-man.
  • They searched the suspect's homes and Conan wonders why any of the three didn't show any panic about the revelation of the button.
  • The search didn't gave any other clues. They didn't find any clothes that has a missing button. Also, they found out that the three o them have gone somewhere else during the first and second rooster days.
  • The police also received word from the hospital that the student has regained consciousness but doesn't remember anything being stabbed by the Tori-man nor leaving messages about the nine monkeys.
  • They also found out that the contents of the daypack are also messed up. Belongings are mixed up with other belongings.
  • Conan is wondering things...Why does the Tori-man carry all the things he stole? Why do the three suspects feel easy about the button? Shouldn't the culprit be sweating?
  • Ding! Conan understood everything. Conan realized that the Tori-man was running and sweating. He also realized that there is another Tori-man..
  • Kogoro also arrives at the scene. He heard the news of the Tori-man striking again so he came to pick them up.
  • So after talking with Sonoko and Kogoro why certain places are named, he realized that the victim knew the culprit, thus the ninth monkey.
  • As Kogoro wants to go home, Ran says that she will first drop by the cleaners.
  • And from the shadows, the Tori-man sets his evil gaze upon Ran.
Chapter 718 highlights:
  • Ran is going to the cleaners then he encountered a situation. An old man, being robbed by goons. Ran proceeds to help and as she prepares her Karate, she again remembered the fortune.
  • Good thing, some men passed by which forced the goons to go away. Ran is so believing her fortune.
  • Somewhere in the dark, the Tori-man is watching...
  • Back at the festival, Conan said that he knows who the Tori-man is. It's Mizunoe Shinji!
  • Shin came from 9th year rom the Sexagenary Cycle, Jinshin fron the Jinshin War. And the reading for Hinshin is Mizunoesaru, thus Mizunoe.
  • He was supposed to show his receipt but since he is running, his pants' pocket got wet from sweat so showing the receipt is exposing himself. And based from the items at the restroom, he doesn't have any change of pants.
  • Conan also revealed that the Tori-man who stabbed the student at the Third Rooster Festival was Mizunoe but the Tori-man from the first and second festivals was the student!
  • As an evidence, the button picked up by Ran came from the student so if they seach his house and look for missing buttons, they can proove that the student i s the first Tori-man.
  • Ran is on her way home and suddenly, the Mizunoe attacked Ran!
  • Takagi returned the button to Ran after confirming that it is not an evidence . Conan is calling Ran but is not picking up. Something must have happened to Ran!
  • Mizunoe searches for Ran's wallet and gets hold of the button. He wants to get rid of it but Ran woke up.
  • Mizunoe revaled to ran everything. Apparently, the student found out from the bankbook that he is embezzling funds from his company. So he wants to get his things back before he gets into trouble. The student was just so stressed from studying rom exams so snatched purses.
  • Mizunoe prepares to kill Ran but before doing so, he says that there's an unopened fortune in her wallet. That's when Ran realized that what Sonoko previously read was her fortune and pretended to be Ran's.
  • And so Ran's real fortune says: To capture the heart of this brilliant minded man, just be yourself as you are. He'll immediately see through it if you try to be someone you aren't so beware. Stay true to your pure nature and if you keep pressing onward, holding onto what you believe, your feelings will certainly be delivered to him!
  • Relieved from the fortune, Ran's Karate is back and Mizunoe didn't stand a chance against her.

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