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Spring 2010 1st Impressions: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 1

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Kaicho wa Maid-sama!!!
Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at a once all boys school turned co-ed. She rules the school with strict discipline demeanor. But she has a secret, she works at a maid cafe due to her families circumstances. One day the popular A student and notorious heart breaker Takumi Usui finds out her secret and makes a deal with her to keep it hush from the school in exchange for spending some time with him.

I think I have my new romantic comedy craze this Spring season, courtesy of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! After the ending of Kimi ni Todoke last season, I have a blank spot for romantic comedy genres to watch from time to time. Good thing, Maid-sama had an anime adaptation and so far, I am loving it sooooooooooo much!!!!!

I have been familiar with this series because a lot of people are reading its manga. You know me guys, I am not so much of a manga fan and so every time an anime adaption is being released, my ears clap like crazy!!! Hahahaha. Anyway, since a lot of people are reading this, I have been looking forward into watching this series. And it hasn't failed me, I love this so much!

The story is pretty unique for me. The involvement of maid cafes in the love story twist is very brilliant. Who would have thought that a maid cafe would bring together two different people to fall in love with each other? And these two people, brought together by fate are people who have different characteristics. As in EXTREME personalities that one would thought that if partnered together would cause a BOOM every time their worlds meet.

And so who are the two characters I am talking about? It's Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui. At the end of Episode 1, I really squeed when this moment happened:
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Imagine, we are only on the first episode and this stuff happens???Waaaahhhh!!!! I am really itching to download episode 2 and watch it ASAP!!!! (Btw, I am already downloading...46.6% done..Gahh. The pain of waiting -_- ) The preview seems sweet and another savior moment for Takumi. Darn, I really love it when Misaki slows down when in front of Takumi!!!!!! So sweeeeettttttt ^.^

Similar to Hakuouki, I will be following this series for this season! I am overflowing with good series with this season and since it's the trimestral break, I will have lots of time to watch and post all about them!!! 

With this in mind, kindly wait for an Episode 2 post real soon :)

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