Monday, April 26, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 487-492

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(this is now what Kabuto looks like...He is back!)

Chapter 487: The Battle Begins
Chapter 488: Returning to their own Villages
Chapter 489: On the Brink of World War
Chapter 490: The Truth About the Kyuubi
Chapter 491: Confining the Hosts
Chapter 492: Greetings

If you can notice, most of my posts are all about catching up since I have failed to read manga or watch anime series this past few months, life has been so freaking busy. My work demands for my attention even if I am at home so I only have a small amount of time for relaxation and rest. My family also went to our province or 5 days so that is another thing that I have to consider when doing my posts.

I am supposed to do this post on a smaller batch but because I got so hooked up, I read all chapters that I missed. Kindly enjoy this huge Naruto Manga batch post! :)

Chapter 487 highlights:
  • Sasuke has accepted Naruto's challenge for a fight and swears that he will kill him first and win. 
  • Upon hearing this, Sakura has realized how useless she is. She thinks that Naruto is now able to make a stand while she is still right there, doing nothing. 
  • Kakashi attacks Madara but Madara told him that Kamui does not work for him. 
  • Madara gets away from the scene along with Sasuke who is having a hard time with his eye vision.
  • Back on base, Sasuke asks for Itachi's eyes to be transplanted to him ASAP because of his eye problems and because he wants to defeat Naruto using as much power as he can have.
  • Karin is taken to Konoha by Kakashi for questioning while Naruto collapses because he got cut by Sakura's poisoned kunai. 
  • After treating Naruto, the team heads back to Konoha. 
  • Raikage and Killer Bee returned to their village and it appears, Killer Bee has Sameheda with him.
  • At the forest where Killer Bee and Kisame fought, the Zetsu's met with each other. It appears that Black Zetsu acted as a kawarimi in the last minute possible.
  • Where is the real Kisame? He is hidden in Sameheda as instructed by Madara to infiltrate Kumogakure. 
Chapter 488 highlights:
  • With the help of a very high-tech teleconference device that would run out of electricity SOON, the leaders of the five nations agreed to have an alliance between nations to have a higher chance to win the war that they are about to face.
  • Naruto, Lee, Kakashi met up with Sai, Kiba and Lee who are still furious about Sakura putting them to sleep. On their way home, they met three ANBU Root members who confronts Sai about the disappearance of the seals that bound them all together. Sai says that Danzo is now dead and that the fate of the ROOT is now under the decision of the new Hokage, Hatake Kakashi.
  • Back at the village, Naruto is talking with his friends and asks to leave Sasuke to him. He doesn't want to explain anything at this moment as he leaves the scene to head to Ichiraku to have a meal.
  • Kakashi is about to be sworn as the new Hokage when a breaking news arrived: TSUNADE HAS AWAKENED!!!
  • In Madara's base, the transplant of Itachi's eyes to Sasuke is a success and all he has to do is to recover. 
Chapter 489 highlights:
  • Karin is getting questioned by Hibiki and his men as they want to know more about Madara and Akatsuki. But Karin refused to spill the beans and asked for food as she is getting very hungry.
  • Tsunade is awake but not yet fully recovered her chakra. So she eats a lot while Kakashi dropped by to say thanks for saving him for becoming the Hokage. 
  • Tsunade called for a war meeting and Shikamaru was invited to attend. He swore that he will use every  brain cell that he has to plan the best strategy to assure them a win.
  • Naruto is at the Ichiraku to eat when Sakura arrived to tell him the news that Tsunade is already awake. Naruto is joyed by this news and so when he is about to eat his food, he is suddenly teleported to Myobokuzan. 
  • Naruto was summoned by the Elder Toad to read his future. The Elder tells Naruto that he will meet an octopus and that he will battle a man with a great power in his eyes. Naruto understands the second prediction and says that he is ready for it.
  •  The Elder also orders for the key to Naruto's seal be handed over to him so that he can now use all of the Kyuubi's power. Naruto hesitates but the octopus he will soon meet will be the key for him to tame the Kyuubi. And besides, he will really need the Kyuubi's power to fight Sasuke.
  • In another location, Anko's team discovers a team of ninja who are murdered by Kabuto in the previous chapters. 
  • Yes guys, Kabuto is back and he is meeting with Madara. Kabuto is now like the second Orochimaru as he now knows the resurrection technique. 
  • To get Madara's attention, Kabuto summons the corpses of Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Nagato. 
  • Kabuto's goal: Join forces and offer support for Madara. 
Chapter 490 highlights:
  • Madara is not so sure about what Kabuto wants. He then asks him what he wants for return and Kabuto simply wants Sasuke. He wants to perform experiments with Sasuke, a young Uchiha clan member.
  • Just like any other person making a deal, Madara asks what if he refuses and Kabuto's answer is sample. He summons another coffin which startles Madara. Because of this, Madara is somewhat pushed in the corner and has accepted the offer. However, he is not allowed to be near Sasuke since Madara needs to test out what he can do and how can he be an asset for him.
  • Anko's team member has a Byakugan, Tokuma so he was able to pin point Kabuto's location. Thus, Madara's presence is revealed. The team decides to retreat and instead report the situation to Konoha.
  • At Kumogakure, everybody is busy with their war plan meeting and Killer Bee is not focusing. He is thinking of his new rhymes and his rap lyrics.
  • Kisame is also in the room, quietly listening to what's happening as nobody has noticed for his presence. 
  • At the end of the meeting, the Raikage called for a joint meeting with the other villages which will happen in three days. 
Chapter 491 highlights:
  • Naruto now has the key to his seal and so he is now sent back to Konoha to finally enjoy his ramen.
  • Before finally going back, Naruto asks for more signs on where he will find the octopus and the Elder Toad states that his vision is blurry but he can find it in a paradise with many creatures.
  • The joint villages meeting is now in process and they are discussing their strategies. Much to Tsunade's protest, it has decided that they need to hide Naruto and Killer Bee from the war because they are the direct targets of Akatsuki. Also, Gaara mentioned that Naruto is always risky when it comes to his friends so they want to have as much as possible less problems once the war and the fighting comes.
  • The group will hide the two bijuus to an island controlled by Kumogakure. It's the island Killer Bee has trained to take control of the Hachibi.
  • Together with Naruto is Yamato and Guy who rode a ship to reach the island. Naruto thinks that the island is evil looking and not like a paradise-ish type of place. 
  • The ferry is attacked by a giant squid but Killer Bee appears with his hachibi to stop the monster. 
  • With this, Naruto has found his Octopus. 
Chapter 492 highlights:
  • Everyone is welcomed to the island by Motoi, the groundskeeper of the island and of course by Killer Bee's beat. Motoi explains that this is Killer Bee's training grounds where he gained control over his hachibi.
  • As long as everyone stays with Killer Bee, everybody is safe because all creatures that reside in the island is respecting him. 
  • After knowing this information, Naruto now knows what to do. He went to Killer Bee's room to ask him for a training. 
  • Killer Bee refuses so Naruto came up with rhyming beats and lyrics. This is not that effective so Naruto  used his Harem no Jutsu towards Killer Bee. Unfortunately, he is not enticed at all and slammed the door to Naruto's face.
  • Naruto meets with Motoi and asks to be led to Killer Bee's training grounds. 
  • Yamato accompanies Naruto to the first stage of the training, the Waterfall of Truth. Naruto sits near the waterfall and closes his eyes, as instructed by Motoi.
  • When he opened his eyes, he is taken aback by an evil copy of himself appearing in the waterfalls. 


  1. Looks like we are going to get a training montage for the next few chapters. Hopefully we'll see Naruto go one on one with Killer Bee in a rap battle lol.

    Just wanted to say that the new theme looks good. Makes for easier reading.

  2. Hahahaha. If ever a Killer Bee vs. Naruto rapping battle will happen, I am more excited to see that on the anime. I wonder how will that happen?!?

    Wow. Thanks so much! It's not yet really done, though :)