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Detective Conan - Chapter 712 - 715

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A Kaitou Kid chapter!!!! 
♥So far, this is my favorite Kaitou Kid chapter!♥
I can't wait for this to be animated.!!

Chapter 712: The Azure Dragon
Chapter 713: Vermilion Bird
Chapter 714: White Tiger
Chapter 715: Black Tortoise

Chapter 712 highlights:
  • Kid sent another advane notice to Suzuki Jirokichi and this time, his target is the large jewel owned by Suzuki, Kirin's Horn.
  • Kirin's Horn has plants from tens of thousands of years ago mixed in so it's a valuable piece of amber.
  • Kirin's body is completely covered in golden scales and is shaped like a deer. It has a cow's tail and a horse's hooves and growing from its dragon-like head is a single horn 
  • Kirin is also considered as a divine beast from chinese mythology.
  • Jirokichi asked for the help of not only Conan but the whole Detective Boys as well. It is all because of Kid's notice:  "On the night of the next full moon at 7pm, ill be paying a visit to get kirin's horn. PS. This time we are done with the child's play. We shall do battle as adults."
  • Jirokichi believed that Kid's weakness is a child since he cannot disguise as a child. Furthermore, he cannot use his hang glider since the mountain temple where the horn is will be directly hit by a typhoon. 
  • Kirin is hidden in a pedestal that can opened by 4 keys - White, Balck, Red and Green.
  • You will use each key on the pedestal of the same color. The keys must be turned at the same time.
  • In addition, there's an electrical current in the pedestals. If the electrical current will be shut off, there will be  one sound for each in order: Green, Red, White, Black. 
  • Of course the creator of this lock is none other than the master rom the Bakumatsu Era, Samizu Kichiemon.
  • On the base of the pillar, there's a writing, "One who desires to find Kirin without depending on the correct way must devote themselves to changing"
  • At the time of the scheduled break in, the lights shut off and the rain and wind can be be felt, which means that someone opened the window. 
  • Somebody shocked Conan-kun!!! Was it Kid? 
  • Kirin's Horn is now gone...
Chapter 713 highlights:
  • Kirin's Horn is stolen, Conan's unconcious and the keys that were pinned to the wall are still pinned on the wall. 
  • Kid's card can be found on all of the pedestal that says "I have accepted Kirin's Horn."
  • The breaker from the temple was rigged that's why a black out occured in the area. Small time-bombs were set on all of the temple's storm windows so that rain and wind can enter to add more commotion and that enabled him to escape during the confusion.
  • Jirokichi had found the amber a month ago and purposely delayed the announcement so that he can trick Kid that he is not prepared with the security and stuff.
  • To enable Kid to know the different location of the pedestals, there was flourescent paint on the tip of the four keys, so when they first tested the keys, the paint smeared to the keyholes.
  • Inspector Nakamori thought that Kid is disguised as the chairman because of the flourescent paints on the keyholes so they decided to conduct a body search. The search is based on the assumption that Kirin is with Kid since he cannot escape due to the weather conditions and it is also impossible for him to pass to his accomplice the horn because the metal bars on the window is too thin for that. 
  • To be sure, the Detective kids conducted the search and unfortunately, they cannot find Kirin's Horn.
  • Haibara has done a lot of thinking and she is also confused with Kid's action. 
  • Can they really solve this mystery without Conan?
Chapter 714 highlights:
  • Each pedestal refers to the four divine beasts. The red pedestal refers to Suzaku of the South Facing the red pedestal on the right side is Byakko, the White Tiger of the West. To the right of Byakko is Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North and to its right is the green pedestal that could symbolize Seiryuu, the Azure Dragon of the East. 
  • These four divine beasts each have a direction they protect. Thus, in their center would be Kirin! ( Well in some cases it is Kouryuu, the yellow dragon of the center is placed instead of Kirin)
  • The kids were also able to solve the meaning of Kichimon's statement. It states what to do in case the four red, white, black and green keys are lost or stolen. 
  • "One who desires to find Kirin without depending on the correct way" refers to those who wants to obtain the worn without relying on the keys and the "must devote themselves to changing" refers to flowing and changing of time or place. The part "devote themselves" can mean to go with the flow. In short, some action has to be performed in accordance with the order of the pedestal colors. 
  • Well, that's only how far the kids can go without Conan so they still wish for Conan to be awake.
  • Since TV people are invited to film the event, they decided to watch the audio and video recordings to see if they can get any clues.
  • There seems to be a misunderstanding among the TV crew and the director. Both the audioman and cameraman were replaced. Originally, it should be the youngsters but they suddenly got replaced. Also, the parkas the director paid for the detective kids is said to be recommended by the lady reported but apparently, she cannot remember such a thing. 
  • Conan's already awake but he wants it to be a secret at first because he wants to know the reason why he was knocked out. 
  • Conan asked for the position of Kid's cards on the pedestal. On red, it's right above the key hole, on the green it's a little higher up, the white one is the same as the red one, right above the keyhole and the black one is even higher than the green one. 
  • Conan finally got it why Kid knocked him out!!
Chapter 715 highlights:
  • According to Conan, Kid stole the amber fashioned in the shape of Kirin's Horn ALL BY HIMSELF using four unwilling accomplices.
  • To open the pillar without the keys means one should go with the flow. 
  • As deduced by Haibara, some action has to be performed in accordance with the order of the pedestal colors. Seiryuu represents Spring, Suzaku is Summer, Byakko is Autumn and Genbu is Winter. The phrase "must devote themselves to changing" means to hand oneself over to the flow of the seasons. It means, to entrust one's body in the order of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. And to entrust one's body means, to lean on them.
  • In short, Kid used the Detective Kids as accomplices who leaned on the pedestals so that they can protect the keyholes.
  • To explain the cards on the pedestal, the cards were attached on their parkas. When the windows broke and the rain and wind came, the kids placed their hoods and leaned over the pedestal. As proof, the position of the cards correspond to the height of the person guarding it. 
  • Kid probably used the reporter's voice to recomment to Jirokichi a merchant that makes parkas to set the trick for himself. 
  • To make the kids lean on the pedestal in order, Kid used mosquito-like sounds that could only be heard by kids below 20 years old. That is also the reason why Kid removed the young TV staff to prevent anybody else to hear the sound. The sounds refer to the electrical current being shut off in order.
  • The jewel is in the hood of Conan's parka. His plan was to pretent to take him to the hospital while unconscious and then slip away the jewel. Of course, Conan realized it right away when he stood up from being unconscience because of the jewels weight.
  • And so, after all this time...Kid is disguised as Inspector Nakamori!!!
  • In the end, Kid was able to escape by disguising as GENTA!!!! He also wants to prove that he could disguise as a kid because for Kaitou Kid, nothing's impossible.
  • And oh, Conan got his revenge!!! He used his shoes to throw the parka at Kid. Kid is now disguised as a squad member. Confident that he is safe, he is shocked that he gets spotted all because Conan sticked his card on Kid's back!!! Hahahahaha.  :))
  • As for the jewel, Kid returned it as it is not the jewel he is looking for. 

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