Sunday, December 6, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 709

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Detective Conan Chapter 709: Kisaki Eri's Misfortune

~ I think Kisaki is having the worst birthday of her life ~

Chapter Highlights:
  • It is Kisaki's birthday and it seems that Kogorou bought her a necklace.
  • Ran and Conan went to the Fukubiki and Ran the 1st price: Shizuoka Seaside Hotel Stay for two, so the married-couple-who-obviously-loved-each-other couple can enjoy the night together.
  • But Kisaki also has a marriage case to handle while celebrating her birthday.
  • So here are the people that will also be involved in a case:
  • Client: Kokubu Akihiko
  • Husband of Client: Kokubu Takehito
  • Other party in the negotiations: Hino Midori
  • Before Kisaki went to her birthday celebration, the client came in drunk and asked to sleep in her room. The husband called and Kisaki told him to pick her up and they will proceed with the negotiations later on.
  • After the dinner with Ran, Kisaki went back to her room. She's about to take a bath when she saw the dead Kokubu-san on her room.

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