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Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 12

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Episode 12: Castling

Round 3 starts right now :)

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We start of with a very different Beatrice who fixes a vase that was broken by a young child. The current Beatrice looks so so so different and the young child looks like the Beatrice that we saw in the previous rounds. Current Beatrice says that magic comes from the power to believe, and while her magic lasts only temporarily, her teacher is capable of magic that is endless. The young girl wants to become a witch so she became the student of the Current Beatrice.

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Another weird thing was there is a girl that appears that only Eva can see. They both plan out for Eva to become the head of the Ushinomiya family. Eva can only see this friend of hers ever since she was child. In the flashback, a few decades before the very controversial 1986 when Eva got a fight with Kinzou because she wants to have a chance to be the head of the Ushinomiya family.

Back to the year 1986, since we are starting a new round, the members of the family arrived at the island. The cousins are seeing each other for the first time and at the end, they happily vow to believe that they will always be on good terms with each other.

Similar with the first arc, Beatrice now appears in front of Maria and gives her an umbrella and the letter. This time, Beatrice is restoring a very pale rose and she brought it back to life, similar to the way the old Beatrice did at the start of this episode.

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We now meet a new character, the head furniture of Beatrice. We meet Renove (the v is silent), a great demon who is the 27th highest ranked noble of hell. I share with Shounen A's speculation that Renove about his relation with Genji whose surname is Renoue and they are both butlers....sounds weird right?

When Maria read the letter given by Beato, the reactions this time are different. Eva thinks that this is a challenge to be an eligible head of the family. Kirie on the other hand, thinks that the game is for Beatrice, who knows the location of the gold and plans to use the gold in exchange for the headship in the family.

The very notable change in reaction in this round is that all of them now acknowledges the fact about the legend of Beatrice who once lived in this island. A story was known to most of them that someone, a 19th person who is living in the island. One version of the story is that it is the witch Beatrice but since that is too bizarre to believe, the legend of Beatrice as the human woman Kinzou loved. This legend is already 30 years old when the family moved to the island to live.

This round, Battler was also able to conclude that there are 19 people in the island since Beatrice refused to say that there are 18 people living in the island. But there's a catch....Rosa admits that she was the one who killed Beatrice making the number of people in the island back to 18.

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