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Naruto - Chapter 462

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Naruto Chapter 462: Sasuke's Dogma

Naruto and Sasuke are fated to meet.

Sasuke's Dogma is revenge and hatred. What fuels him now is his desire to give revenge to the village of Konoha for what they did to Itachi and to the Uchiha Clan as whole.

Speaking of Sasuke, he is now facing the Raikage as he barges in the meeting of the kages. As expected, the fight is one of a kind as the Raikage is also very skilled fighter. Sasuke is being backed up by Juugo and Suigetsu in his fight with the Raikage while Karin is on search for Danzou.

As for Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato, Madara has already revealed to them the truth about Sasuke and they don't seem to believe it. They cannot understand why Sasuke chose the path of revenge when he can just go back in respect to Itachi's love for him. Madara believes that Sasuke chose revenge himself. That's what his fate says.

Madara also explained the origin of hatred with the founder of the ninjas, The Rikudo Sage, the Sage of the 6 Paths. The sage preached the way of the ninja and tried to bring peace to the world. But he died before it even came true. He entrusted his dream to two boys with the power and the will of the ninja. The elder boy was the sage's eyes and was gifted with powerful chakra and spiritual energy. The elder believes that might is the key to peace. The younger boy, on the other hand was the sage's body and he is gifted with force and physical energy. He believes that love is the answer to peace.

On the sage's deathbed, the sage chose the younger to be successor. This gave birth to the eternal curse of hatred. In the later years to come, the younger child started the Senju clan (1st Hokage) and the elder is the start of the Uchiha Clan.

On a more comparative note, the meeting of Sasuke and Naruto is fated as Naruto is deemed to face Sasuke sooner or later. Senju vs. Uchiha, Fire vs. Hatred and Naruto vs. Sasuke. Get the comparison?

Next chapter, Sasuke attacks the Raikage head on!!

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