Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 460-461

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Special Naruto Manga double post!!!!

Chapter 460: Sasuke Surrounded
Chapter 461: Kumogakure vs. Hawk

~Sasuke's fight now begins!~

Chapter 460:
  • The fight against Sasuke is already beginning. The Raikage showed himself infront of Sasuke and attacked him headon.
  • Uchiha Madara paid Naruto a visit..wanting to have talk.
  • Kakashi and Yamato immediately arrive to stop Madara from whatever his plans are but Madara stressed that he simply wants to talk.
  • Naruto asked about Sasuke and Madara answered by saying that they will talk about the Uchiha Sasuke who was infected by the hatred and malice that is part of this world of shinobi.
  • Sasuke unhesitantly kills the patrol guards in the area.
  • Karin senses a strange coldness and darkness in Sasuke's chakra..
Chapter 461:
  • Sasuke is already pissed off and directly charged an attack with the Raikage.
  • We see a lot of Sasuke's fighting ability as he is with par with the Raikage. With the help of his Sharingan, he is able to face the Raikage with less problems and break into genjutsus in just a breeze
  • Karin is hiding her chakra as she continues to search for Danzou.
  • Juugo enters Level 2 of his cursed seal becoming a type who shows his killing impulse without any problem.
  • In the conference room, the remaining kages talk while Danzou is being guarded by Ao (the Byakugan guy). Tsuchikage looks down on Gaara but Gaara threw the best question to shut him up.."When did you abandon yourselves?"
  • Naruto didn't appear in this chapter.


  1. Danzo was so hilarious in chapter 461. He just sat there and told everyone to hand over power. The man isn't afraid to ask for what he wants lol.

  2. @TJ..

    yeah. i think he treats power as a commodity...something that he can easily get whenever he wants.