Monday, August 24, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 19

Episode 19: Child of the Night

The official start of my catch up posts....

I got to say that I am loving Taliesin more. Oh Pwyll, I need more of you so that you will be in my top 3 list. Hahahaha.

I regard this episode as an episode for my 3rd favorite character, Taliesin. But before I talk more about this guy, I need to mention that peace has returned to Avalon (temporarily, according to Arawn) and that everybody is helping to rebuild it.

While everybody has the chance to enjoy a quiet life, Decimus came informing that somebody has killed the members of the senate. This is already alert for Arawn that their real enemy, the White Spirits is on the move. Decimus also reports about rumors of a dark force coming and Ogam thinks that it's the result of the Cauldron of Resurrection which can create armies from the dead. To combat this, they will be employing the help of the Giant Warriors, those residing in Mt. Claes where the power of ice is sealed.

So much for Arawn and their plan......I am itching to talk about Taliesin! At the half of the episode, there's a lot of Taliesin developments that are so love . The Epona and Taliesin pair is so love and something that I didn't really expect. Epona is actually a she and she possess a very sweet voice. No wonder Taliesin fell for her the first time he heard her sing. But yeah, I support their pair! Hahahaha.

I sense a very sad aura at Taliesin and it was perhaps explained in this episode when he asked Riannon to peek into his future. He said that he is afraid of his fate and in fairness, he really must feel fear as Riannon saw an imminent challenge that he cannot really avoid. But I am with Riannon when she said that fate can still be changed and its not to late. With this, I look forward to Taliesin giving off a very sweet and a real smile.

While everybody else is the mountain, Taliesin got separated because of a sound that caught his attention. He stumbled a dragon's graveyard which lead to a prison. There, a voice suddenly was heard and it introduced itself as Lucifer. He invites Taliesin to listen to his past so that he will know the truth about the world.

Is this the start of Taliesin playing a big role in the story???! I hope so because I wanna see him more in action. I feel he still has lots to show and I bet he will look so cool!!!!

For real and detailed summary, then reychop's blog is the place for you. Please visit the site!!!! :)

Now, I will really try my best to catch up fast and post Episode 20 within the week!!! :)


  1. Hahaha... Talieshien will indeed play a significant role- in fact the most important one, if I may judge. It is sad to say though but my theory is correct.

    According to the commercial break, if I am not mistaken, I somewhat heard "watch the finale" or something. Hopefully, the end episode (episode 22: Drnwyn) be worth it.

    I'll be waiting for more of your posts! After making a fe corrections in my entry for episode 20, I'll start posting for episode 21..

    See you soon!

  2. Episode 21 is now posted at