Sunday, August 23, 2009

Special Parfait of the Week: Threads of Fate

Threads of Fate, known in Japan as Dewprism (デュープリズム), is a console role-playing game for the PlayStation console developed and published by Square (now Square Enix). The story revolves around the adventure of two characters, Mint and Rue, and a highlight of the game is that the player is able to play from the perspective of either.

If you are into old school games and RPG, and like characterizations as much as the gameplay, you might appreciate Threads of Fate. The gameplay itself is not at all challenging, and would possibly be a bore to hardcore game players, but it is still a fun game to pass the time.

The story of the game is about two individuals: Rue, a mysterious boy who does not know of his past, and Mint, the crown princess in the East Heaven kingdom -- but due to her irresponsible behavior, was relinquished of her rights to the crown. Both of them search for the legendary "relic" that is said to give anyone the power to grant their own wishes.

This was the first RPG that I ever finished, and what made me like this game the most are its characters -- parts of the gameplay have potential, but because of the hype for Chrono Cross that was released together with Threads of Fate, not much people paid attention to the game. So, if you are looking for some old school games and do not mind the PS graphics -- then be sure to try Threads of Fate out.

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