Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: The 5 Kages' Arguement

~ The Kages are arguing as the meeting convenes~
~Sai tells Sakura that Naruto loves her~

The meeting of the 5 Kages continue and they are not talking perfectly well. It seems that the Kages are not into good terms with each other, with the way they talk and the way that they relate with each other, they look like they are not real allies.

The issue of Akatsuki being used by village for their personal reasons became the first issue they talked about. Gaara, the Kazekage stood innocent after knowing that Suna has used Akatsuki before to destroy Konoha under the influence of Orochimaru who posed as the Kazekage. The Mizukage also mentioned about the previous Mizukage being controlled by someone, which she didn't think should be given too much attention.

Anyway, Mifune suggested an alliance between the 5 villages to be able to combat the danger brought about by Akatsuki. And since Konoha has the 9 tails on its roof, Danzou was chosen to lead the alliance and this has startled the others.

Meanwhile, Sai talked to Sakura about Naruto. He expressed his concern for Naruto saying that Sakura is also a source of pain for Naruto, aside from Sasuke. This is because of the promise of Naruto to Sakura to bring Sasuke back home and Sai said that Naruto plans on carrying this promise for a lifetime, just like a curse. Sai also stressed that Naruto loves Sakura as Sakura does not give full attention to Naruto's feeling for her because her eyes are only set on Sasuke alone.

My favorite part of the chapter is Sai taking action regarding Naruto and talking some sense into Sakura. For me, it's the sweetest thing Sai has ever done for Naruto. Even though he cannot really understand people and has only joined Team 7 just recently, he instantly recognize the need to help Naruto and Sakura in ways that he could do and I find it really touching. Hopefully, Sakura will have more sense of herself and recognize Naruto's effort for her and for Sasuke.

Anyway, I hope someone would disagree of Danzou leading the alliance. I don't trust Danzou. For sure, he has some other plan in mind if ever he became the leader of the alliance. It would only cause more bigger problem.

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