Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapters 701-702

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Detective Conan Manga Special Double Post!

Chapter 701: Hint of Red and13
Chapter 702: The Bomber's Aim

Chapter 701: Hint of Red and 13
This chapter simply gave hints of the current bombing case:
  • Two shirts were sent on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th week. Only on the 4th week did the sender sent 1 shirt.
  • A total of 13 shirts were sent.
  • There's a red mark on the man's (the one with the bomb) shoulder.
  • Each shirt has their own receipt. So there are a total of 13 receipts.
  • The date on the receipts are same on the delivery receipts so the shirts were bought and sent on the same day.
  • There's a mark on the torn receipt for the 7th Week. It's a mark of the Beika Department Store which means that the shirts were bought there and all are bought at exactly 12:29.
  • The receipts were torn because of the intention of hiding where the shirts were bought. But only on the 7th week's receipts are not properly torn and besides if you want to just hide where the shirts were bought, you only have to tear the left side.
  • The shirts have a weird crease.
Another interesting part is that Gin has Chianti as a sniper so that when the Akai look a like comes out, he would be shot, again. Kir, on the other hand is Gin's hostage. If it will be proven that Akai is alive and well, Kir would be dead.

Chapter 702: The Bomber's Aim
Conan was able to solve one half of the case, after knowing the intention of the sender of the shirts. Now, all he has to do is to find out the intentions of the bomber man who is inside the department store. This bomb case is related to a snow mountain incident 10 years ago where an experienced mountaineer died.

Based from Conan's investigations, he said that culprit from 10 years ago, the bomber, is very confident that his crime in the past won't be discovered. But what Conan doesn't understand yet is why does the bomber man need to go through such a commotion. He said that he will first wait and see on what will happen.

In a hint given in the previous chapter about the creases on the shirts, if folded following creases, you would get a code that is still undeciphered. This is somewhat related to a Sherlock Holmes case, The Adventure of the Dancing Men.

Meanwhile, Subaru has also deduced as far as Conan can deduce but he then spots Akai's look-a-like. He went far back and gave a revealing bold smile.

As for Kir, she was somehow able to convince Gin that Akai is dead and he sould not worry about it anymore. Gin responded that if Akai is really alive, then he would just kill him again.


  1. yeah, i know this may seem like a strange request coming from ME of all people, but do you know any free online manga web-sites were i could read some... there is a series i want to try out...

    thank you in advance xD

    p.s. but if you're gonna say then say something else cause i've already tried it

  2. @Hyperion

    there's mangafox, animea, readmangaonline, mangavolume, and mangahut. xD and that's just the first 5 on my mind xD hope that helped.