Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 20

Hoenheim did appear but only for a very short while.

I purposely posted FMA in a much later time since there's no FMA this week.

As I have mentioned, Hoenheim had a little screen time moments. He met with Ed at his mother's graveyard. The two had a somewhat heated arguement. It was also Hoenheim who made Ed realize that in performing the human transmutation, what you transmuted is not the person that you want to revive..but rather some random person.

This was further proven when Ed dug up the remains of their transmutation with Pinako. Striking differences are the hair and the femur. Tricia's hair is auburn while the transmuted body has a black one. The femur on the other hand is long suggesting that it is man.

With this depressing truth comes a hope that Al can get his body back. Because of the idea that the transmutated bodies can be any body inside the gate, it also follows that Al's body is inside the gate and Ed just needs to pull it back, just like what happened when he pulled his soul and attached it on an armor.

As usual, what is FMA without any cracks? My favorite part of the episode was when Ed returned and saw Al's injured body. Hahahaha. It is really funny because he is expecting to be scolded by Al for doing things on his own and then he found his younger brother injured. He went WHAT HAPPENED HERE???!!! and I really laughed when I saw it. But good thing for Ed that he is an alchemist, he can repair Al's body anytime and in no time.

If there are funny moments, there are also some "awwwww" moments. My "awww" moment for this episode was when Al admitted that he doesn't want to have alone nights anymore. Being in a different body, he cannot feel hunger..pain..or anything. So when everybody else is asleep, he is up whole night feeling all alone and sad. He said that his motivation for getting his body back was because he doesn't want to spend the nights all alone anymore.

Next episode would be some action and I will see some Roy once again!!!!!

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