Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 13

Episode 13: Brigantes


In preparation for the upcoming battle with Gaius, Arawn Arthur and the others strategized on how will they be able to defeat the enemy. With little number of army, Arawn and everybody else needs to come up with a way so that they will be able to gather enough troops for the battle. And the answer? Partnerships with other tribes who share the same hate and disappointment at the Empire. They plan to have a connection with the Brigantes, the strongest tribe in the area and surprisingly, Taliesin is a member of that group.


Well, in the fight scene where Arthur and Taliesin fought, I felt really excited and thrilled on what will happen. Arawn and Taliesin has placed their lives on the line. Whoever looses will be killed. I thought that Arthur's gonna loose but then I think, how can Arawn be dead if he is the main character?

Taliesin is a skilled fighter. Good thing for Arthur that he is purposely inujured himself or else things would end very differently. With only one hand and he is that strong, damn he is indeed something! But in fairness to Arthur, he did injured himself to get a fair footing with Taliesin who is injured on the other hand. Because of this, Arthur got the respect from Taliesin and the other members of the tribe.
Next episode is something that I don't really understand from the preview but it seems that everybody in the gang is going out.
Finally, some other nice screenshots from this episode:

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  1. Wahhh!!!! I wasn't able to post any summary for episode 13! Yesterday and Thursday is finally the exams... Grr... So far, Calculus is the only one that gave me a problem so it shouldn't be a worry. With that aside, I can once again focus on tears to tiara! Hehehe...

    First, I found it weird since the one on my copy is Episode 13: Brigantes... Was it an error in translation? Anyway, I'll be posting my summary together with episode 14 later...

    Also, I'll just have to comment that Arthur is not just injured but he purposely injured himself to get a "fair fight" as he thought that Talieshin has a broken shoulder due to the white cloth that the bard wrapped around his arm. Talieshin confessed this after the duel.

    Anyway, I'll be heading out and go to sleep. Yesterday was tiring... Ja ne!

  2. @reychop..

    thanks for pointing out my typo errors. hahaha. i already edited them properly...

    good for you, finally exams are over..will be adding your link once full summary is out :D

  3. xtine06: Thanks! I was thinking about differences in translation. But I am assuming you got your summaries from watching animax. If not, then maybe you are right after all and it was just the translation that's incorrect?

    Anyway, I posted Episode 13-14... 14 is actually action-filled yet dialog-filled at the same time. Anyway, I'll be waiting for your own posts... The screenshots are always good :3 Well, see you soon!

  4. @reychop.

    yeah. i saw ur post. i am watching tiara online. i am downloading them..subs for episode 14 are not yet out so it gotta to wait :)

    they r just typo errors. i am so sleepy when i am making this one that is why i typed the wrong words. thanks for pointing out my mistakes :D

    i already read ur summary and i am excited to watch..hahaha.

  5. Hahaha.... I'm glad that my summaries has encouraged and pumped up your blood... Anyway, I had a good time watching this, even though I have watched the episode two times (the saturday noon replay and this sunday morning's replay) and I didn't even got bored, despite for the abundance of dialog and all-talk scenes.

    Though I am quite amused and sympathetic at the same time for Gaius' situation, I nearly shed a tear at Arawn's pathetic sulking and quite disappointed with Arthur's direct accusation, the episode has warmed up my broken heart... (ugh, my laptop's hard drive just broke. I'm posting this through my younger brother's PC).

    But anyway, Episode 14 is quite hilarious. They have revived the pot vs weapon gag between Arawn and Rathty. But the episode is an over-all combination of action, revealing of more information, a bit of drama, betrayal, angst and magic! It's kind of a balanced one, yet special at the same time...

    Anyway, it might be amazing to be able to download the shows online... (Good for taking screenshots) but unfortunately, I can't download anything (conditions due to our shared internet connection)....

    Well, I'll not reveal any more information. Hopefully, I haven't spoilt the surprise and suspense... XD Hehehe... Well, I got to go.... Ja ne!

  6. just made me want to watch tiara right now! hahaha. but how sad..tiara's subs is not yet up!!waaa..wanna watch it real real real soon :)

  7. Hahaha... Double the excitement, double the fun! Yup yup yup! Hehehe... I do have to correct my statement. Arthur did not directly accused Arawn but his implications were directed to Arawn.

    Anyway, what really excites me in the episode 14 is how Ogam refused to answer what the relationship of Myrddin and Arawn was.

    Yaoi hints anyone? Hahahaha! Well anyone, judging from the previews, episode 14 will be nothing compared to 15... bloodshed and battle, a tragedy- a dark past revealed. Will there be peace? Time will tell ^_^

  8. oohh...if 15 looks awesome then i will check it out at animax, even if i haven't seen episode 14 yet. wanna see some action from tiara for a long time already.

    gosh..subs for episode 14 please come out now!!! x(

  9. 15 is indeed awesome (at least previews seems to reveal). Early this noon, there is another replay. If you haven't watched it, then you can do nothing but wait for Saturday.

    Anyway, I am not knowledgeable how these subs were produced or who produced them. I am even surprised that such subs exists because I usually encounter subs made years after the completion of the original series....

  10. i got episode 14 subs already so i can watch and post tiara 14 w/in the week and i will watch 15 via animax. hahaha. can't wait!

  11. That's a great news. I can't wait to see the screenshots, too! Hehehe... Well, happy watching! ^_^

  12. episode 14 posted:)

  13. Yup! I already read it and commented on it! ^_^