Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 51


Time for Vampire Knight for this month!! This chapter centers on how the Cross Gakuen moves on to continue with their lives and how the Hunter Association moves right now. There's also a little about Yuuki thinking about the small part of her heart being attached to Zero even though she desires for Kaname-sama so much. She feels guilty for feeling that way and is worried to hurt Kaname-sama once again, but Kaname-sama seems to know about this. Because of love, Kaname-sama is willing to stay by Yuuki's side forever and Yuuki would also want to be at his Onii-sama's side for all eternity as the chapter ended.
Well, I am again fangirling over Kaname-sama but he only had a small amount of manga time in this chapter. He is most of the time away, taking care of various things so that Yuuki can once again go out and enjoy life. And it is also revealed that there are some students of the Day Class didn't get their memories erased and this includes Yuuki's bestfriend. When she asked Zero if he will hunt Yuuki down, Zero gave a blank answer. Personally, I don't think he can hurt Yuuki. Even though their relationship is forbidden, it doesn't change the fact the he loves Yuuki. So I think, that no matter how determined he is to hurt Yuuki, I believe he won't be able to do so. And besides, Kaname-sama is there to protect Yuuki until the very, very, very end.

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