Saturday, June 27, 2009

Code Geass Character CD Best

Code Geass Character Best CD

Isn't this picture look cute? Seems everybody is in heaven and Lelouch looks so so innocent! I really love this picture.

The best of Code Geass Character CDs will release a compilation on July 1st. Based on the list, it will include character songs of R1 and R2. Track lists includes the following:
  • Reincarnation by C.C
  • Never End by Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Summer Rain after Clear Skies by Shirley
  • Platinum Soul by Kallen Stadfield
  • Dear Friend by Milly Ashford
  • A Gentle World by Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Connect by C.C
  • Arabesque by Rollo Lamperouge
  • Regeneration by Lelouch Lamperouge
  • One More Chance by Kallen Stadfield
  • A Tiara's Feelings by Nunally Lamperouge
  • Reason by Gino and Xingke
  • Stellar" season天子ring (I don't what is this..sorry! x_x)
  • Boundless Future by Kaguya
Thanks to Code Geass LJ Community for sharing this one.

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