Saturday, June 20, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 9 and 10

Valkyria Chronicles special double post!

So far, these two episodes are my most loved episode and I finally decided that I am support the pairing of Welkin x Alicia and Maximillian x Selvaria. Of course, Faldio would forever remain to be my top character.

General Comment:

But on the bright side, I get to decide the pairings I am supporting!! :)

Episode 9:
A nice change of pace. This episode is purely focused on Selvaria and Maximillian and the political issues of the story line. So, from this episode, one can learn that Maximillian is not the crown prince of the Empire but he is a threat to the crown prince. An assassination attempt was made so that Maximillian will be not be on his way. But......Maximillian is not just your typical prince, he can protect himself and with Selvaria on his side, there is no way the Zero-voiced prince will die so soon. Speaking of Maximillian's voice, since he sounds like Zero, I kinda wished that his brother would sound like Schinzel and the King would be the Emperor Charles. Hahaha. It seems that the voice of Zero had my Code Geass fandom awaken. Gosh, I really wonder If I am geassed by Lelouch. -___-
We also met a new character, Karl Oswald.

Episode 10:
This is one of the best Welkin x Alicia episodes that I love!!! Gosh, there is really a romance between the two of them but it seems that Welkin is still not ready to accept the idea of love and recognize how he feels for her. Alicia and Welkin also shared a little about themselves in this episode. Alicia being an orphan and Welkin's influence on his love for nature and a little about his family issues. So I see it as one step forward for them to get to know each other.
I also find episode 10 kinda dramatic as Alicia and Welkin met Mikhail Weber. Mikhail is an empire soldier who got tired of the war and ran away from his squad. Because of this, he was shot by his comrades and ended up wounded that caused him his death. He was able to share his last moments to Alicia and Welkin and told them that a Mikhail Weber once lived in this world and that they should remember him.

Next Episode:
More Selvaria, Alicia on a dress, Welkin and of course FALDIO!!!!

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