Saturday, June 20, 2009

K-ON! - Episode 12 [END]


K-ON wa daisuki!!!
- Yui

I have to say that this is the best episode for K-ON so far! I got excited to finally see the girls perform their songs at the festival. They are really, really, really great!


Finally, the light music club was able to perform at their school's Butoukan. Their song number was a big blast! I enjoyed their music and also felt their happiness and fulfillment. Though they got through challenges like Yui getting sick days before the performance day and Yui forgetting her guitar in the actual performance day, they were still able to pull off a commendable performance. And oh, I forgot to mention that I love their yukatas!! As Sawako-sensei would say, it's a yukata specially made so that you won't get colds! :)
As for the songs, my personal favorite is Ballpoint Pen! A very unique song with upbeat tempo! And even though this episode is the end, there's still an extra episode next week! So it's not the real end for K-ON!! :)


  1. I was so happy when there was a preview for an extra episode of K-On! More Mio-chan and Azu-nyaaaan <333

  2. yeah. me too. i thought its the end but we have one more episode!! :)