Monday, June 22, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 114

The Eye of the Hawk.

An extremely unique Naruto Shippuudden episode. This one would give more background on Orochimaru. We have known him for a long time already and it's only in this episode that you will see a more in depth characterization of his character.


This is an Orochimaru-centric episode. Almost the whole episode, you get to see only Orochimaru and how he had his life up to now. I guess this episode's goal is for us to understand how did Orochimaru mind become twisted and weird that he became obsessed with immortality and regeneration. Well, to begin with, he is an orphan and as he grow old, he saw experienced the loss of many loved ones, which I think contributed a lot to his desire to defeat death. But unfortunately for him, he was defeated by Sasuke who had the power of the Sharingan. Indeed, Orochimaru is a no match for the power of the Sharingan. He didn't actually died just yet. Sasuke just took over him and kept him somewhere inside. I think Orochimaru will be out of the scene for about a while as the story now moves on to Sasuke forming his own group.
Anyway, here are some notable screenshots from the episode:

A very innocent and young Orochimaru. He is still free from any thoughts of evil at this stage. He is just an ordinary orphan who wishes to his parents for one more time.

This is the young Itachi! He looks so adorable!

And the teenager Itachi! He looks so cute and cool! I like his teenage look.

Like his older brother, Sasuke looks so cute in here! I've been wanting to have a longer Sasuke screentime for a while and my wish has been granted!

So next episode, Sasuke sets out as he is already free from Orochimaru's hands.


  1. I actually appreciated having a small look into Orochimaru's past. We've long known that his goal is to amass knowledge (as knowledge- especially about jutsu-- is power). But seeing that he gradually grew into that, and wasn't born a self-centered villain, is kind of nice.

    Maybe I was just always confused on why Jiraiya was shocked at Orochimaru's betrayal-- now I know why. He actually was human and had friends. But as he grew up and grew waaaaay too selfish, he just didn't care about anyone else anymore.

    Anyways, nice to see Sasuke FINALLY gets some screentime! Woot!

    And nice to see that filler arc is finally over. It wasn't bad, I actually liked the lead characters and general story, but that pacing was far too stretched out.

  2. @Sarynn really is good that Orochimaru had his share of fair character development. Now we know that his personality is the result of his life experiences.

    Hooray for more Sasuke! Now I can't wait for him to meet Naruto :D