Saturday, June 20, 2009

La Corda D' Oro ~Secondo Passo~

Hino Kahoko continues to improve her skills at the Seiso Academy participating in music competitions with the help of Lili, the music fairy, the students from the music department, and a new blond charming character.


General Comments:
As an avid fan of La Corda, I am a little disappointed with how the special went. There are lot of possible points of improvement but still, I enjoyed watching it.

Well, they are still as cute and handsome as before. Not to mention that the new characters are all of bishounen type! Because of this special, I prefer Aoi Kaji over Ryoutarou Tsuchiura and Tsukimori Len falls on the 3rd of my list.
I think my only complaint is that the new characters didn't have the ample time to develop their personality, their story and their background. I wanna get to know more of them but unfortunately, the anime is only for two episodes and it's a big limiting factor.

Sadly, I didn't recognize the music that the character are playing. I was expecting that music from renowned musicians will be used. But I appreciated the viola a lot! Kaji-kun playes the viola. I never knew that the sound of viola is so good and so pleasant to the hear. Most of the times, I only get to hear violin and the piano but this time, I get to experience the viola too.

More General Comments:
On a random note, Kahoko is very lucky to be surrounded by a lot of cute and lovable guys. It's like he can choose anybody that he likes and would be having a lot of problems on who to choose. But I like Kaji-kun right now!!!! He's my personal choice.
And I would like to mention that the ending is cliff hanging for meeeee. I wish I could hear Kahoko play on a live audience!! :)


  1. Wahhh!! There's a sequel for Primo Passo? Hopefully, animax will show this one soon...

  2. @reychop.exe
    yeah, there's a sequel for that. It is also in the the special that the winners in the competition will be better watch out for this :D

  3. Are there gonna be any new episods for la corda d'oro secondo passo ??