Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 11

The Miracle at Rush Valley

This is Ed's another grow big!!! He wishes to have an automail that could help him grow taller!! Hahaha.


Oh, I am such a failure for not posting FMA earlier. This week has been so busy at work that everytime I get home, all I could do is to sleep. Anyway...let's move on with FMA episode 11.
So after the tragic episode 10 with Maes Hughes' death (and I still mourn for him), we continue with Ed, Al and Winry who are now heading to Dublith but made a stop at the heart of automails, Rush Valley. This episode is full of crack, comedy and fun courtesy of Ed, Al, Winry and Paninya. I can't remember the number of times I laughed when I am watching this one.
Aside from all the laughs, there are also serious moments especially when Winry saw what's engraved inside Ed's pocket watch: Don't forget, Oct.3 - the day when Ed and Al burned down their house. Also, there is also this moment about the mystery of life where Ed and Al saw a mom giving birth. Of course, people like the two of them are emotional when it comes to issues of life and living.
Next episode, Ed and Al meets their master! I am excited to see how will the readaptation present this one!
And favorite homonculus is about to come....I saw his face on the Wanted Poster!!!! Yehey!!!


  1. -sigh- How I wished I managed to follow this series, I saw this episode this morning and the angst and comedy in it is totally appealing and has etched itself into my mind.

    Sadly, when I can't watch the episode 1, I lose interest in it. Though I managed to catch bits and bits because after FMA:Brotherhood is the replay of Tears to Tiara so I can still watch it. However, the time is limited (maybe only 5 minutes for the last chapter then it will end).

    I must say, I am almost convinced to follow this series again. However, without watching episode 1, I'll never enjoy it.

    Though what intrigues me to this show is the Alchemy and if the "human sacrifices" is indeed true when creating the philosopher's stone or if Ed and Al can find another way or maybe it's just a lie and the real ingredients where hidden...

    I'll just follow this one through your blog... At least the screenshots are descriptive enough... ^_^

  2. try watching this one. i think animax replays previews only need to catch up with a few episodes online.

    i don't wanna reveal spoilers just yet. we will get to human sacrifices and philosopher's stone later on :) so yeah, follow this one instead :D

  3. Hahaha.... I would love to read online... However, my internet is not that fast.. grr.... At any rate, I will definitely follow this blog. ^^

  4. No... I instead must thank you for this great blog... ^_^