Tuesday, June 9, 2009

K-ON! - Episode 10

It's training camp time @ Mugi-chan's semi-big summer house!!!


Our K-ON girls went on a training camp this episode. Well, knowing them, training camp would mean more fun and play time and still, less time for practices and rehersals. They were able to practice but its for a short, short time only. Ritsu got hungry. Hahahaha!

Generally, this episode is a very light one yet its very enjoying. All that's happened in my 20minutes of watching is how the whole club goofed around in summer camp. But for Azusa-chan, she really enjoyed this experience since she had the chance to understand and get to know the personalities of the club members and somehow understood why they can play music so perfectly even if they are not into practicing and intense prepations.
So next episode, it seems they will be having a crisis as Yui's guitar strings gets broken and needs to replaced.

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