Saturday, June 6, 2009

Detective Conan - Episode 533

The Scar that Invokes the Past

With time almost running out we found her first love!
A scar case with surprise transition!


Picking up where episode 532 left, Ran, Conan and Mouri are inside their room talking about the butler also having a small scar on his back, which is around 15cm long. So having seen that the butler has a scar too, he is also suspected of being the serial killer that Superintendent Matsumoto injured a long time ago. Speaking of the serial killer, Mouri mentioned that the serial killer is a cautious person. Right after he was cut, he drove away in a vehicle. The police found the car but found no traces of blood or fingerprint, except that the front seat's cover was removed. Luminol tests also proove the point that there are no blood traces found in the car. Then, Shoudo-san entered the room inviting them for a midnight snack. Conan suddenly blurted out that their snack is sushi, which surprised Shoudo-san. Conan whispered something into Shoudo-san and that left Ran and Mouri puzzeled.

So on the dining room, everybody's eating their sushi and Conan invited the butler to eat with them. The butler sat down and started eating together with Ryuuhei-san and Banba-san. As Ryuuhei and Banba are arguing about the ingredients used in the sushi, Conan took this chance to shoot his tranquiler and he then started his deductions. Conan style this time was a psychological attack to identify the real boy in Shoudo-san's memory. And who was it?

It's the butler, Taisuke Houya!

Why? Here's reason why, according to Conan's deduction:
  • The scar on his back is 15cm long. Scars don't grow as you grow too. As a young boy, he got a small body so he can only have scar that is small.
  • Gari-kun is his nickname because of his love for ginger. Remember that his favorite foods are sushi and yakisoba with pickled ginger on top.
  • When he was invited by Conan to eat, he didn't eat the sushi first, but went for the ginger first.
  • Being an honest person, he would not take the prize money for himself.
It turns out, Shoudo-san already knew his real identity and only did the announcement on TV so that he will be forced to reveal himself. The sushi snack, washing Mouri's back and hiding the story about his love for ginger - all are clues so that Mouri (or Conan) can solve the mystery. Well, the case ended with Houya-san telling Shoudo his real identity.


The police busted in so that they can capture the serial killer that they are looking for. After having a text message from Mouri (it was Conan for real) giving hint that the serial killer's wound is at the back based on these reason that:
  • When somebody is injured, normally, he/she would cover it by hand.
  • There are no blood traces on the car based on the luminiol test, suggesting that the blood stain is on the seat cover.
the police went inside to arrest Kusumoto Ryuuhei, the one with a scar on his back. But apparently, he only imitated the scar from the guy he met at the spa. The guy said that the scar is his act of courage against a police officer a long time ago. So having proove his innocence, Ryuuhei is now removed in the suspect list.
This serial killer has killed three people in the past. They are:

2o years ago
Tsuguharo Boukawa (50)
Weapon: Sword from Boukawa residence

2 days later
Atsunori Mukita(42)
Touto University Associate Professor
Weapon: Japanese Sword

15 years ago
Susumu Nabei (34)
Weapon: Kitchen Knife

Aside from these three victims, the serial killer also killed a police officer, the one who taught Inspector Megure the basics of policemen. He was Superintendent Morimura. When he was about to die, he left the clue to Superintendent Matsumoto that the serial killer is whistling something - a song that's famous 20 years ago. Even up to now, Superintendent Matsumoto can't understand the meaning of those words.


The next day, Conan and the Shounen Tantei are on the way to school when they bumped into Takagi and Sato who are going lovey-dovey on the spa that they are investigating. Sato said that when they captured the serial killer, they will have a date on the spa!!! Then, the criminal psychologist Douji Hiramune (41) challenged the serial killer to kill him on a TV interview. Ayumi then said that this Hiramune lives in the same apartment as she is and that made the Shounen Tantei decide to play on Ayumi's house where they will meet a suspicious person whistling a melody.
What the song is and will be Hiramune be killed? Found out next episode! 534 will be posted real real real soon. :)

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