Monday, May 25, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 50

Zero, now wearing a long coat, similar to Kaname :)

And so Zero, Yuuki and Kaname are now living their own lives. Yuuki is still living in secrecy, as Kaname wanted it to protect the person that he loves the most. Aidou, being as loyal as ever to Kaname and Yuuki became Yuuki's private teacher. I wonder how it is to have such a cute teacher? If I am in Yuuki's place, studying would be exciting and I would probably be drooling over Aidou while he is teaching.
Now that the Vampire Council is gone, Kaname is again on the move to rebuild the Vampire society. He wants to re-establish the partnership of the vampires and the hunter associations. Zero, becoming an active vampire hunter, is given an order to participate in the meeting and would be formally introduced as the future president of the hunter association. One year has passed since the two of them have met, I wonder how will their meeting go on? For sure, there's going to be extreme tension between the two of them! Next chapter next month.
Forgive my fangirling but I really would want to post this page in the chapter...


Waaaaa..Kaname-sama!!! *squeeeessss*

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