Tuesday, May 26, 2009

K-ON! - Episode 8

Youkosou Asuza!

We welcome a new member to the K-ON! club, Azusa Nakano. I am guessing she's going to be more of a Mio-type, kinda shy but full of talent and ideas. I wonder what instrument will she be playing? I guess the next episode would show more about our new member, Azusa.
Anyway, the best part of the episode is the duet of Mio and Yui! They sound so cool. I would really love to form my own band someday and since I don't know any instrument to play and I can sing a little, I would love to be a vocalist too. It's one of my secret dreams (and now it's not a secret!) I also love the song titles that they are playing. The four titles are Light and Fluffy Time, Curry After Rice, My Love is a Stapler and Brush and Ballpoint Pen. They kinda sound weird but at the same time interesting! The lyrics are well made and I never thought of using such metaphors in a song.
Anyway, I am excited for their future performances. Hopefully, next episode they will be having another K-ON! performance.

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